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Refined Ecclectisism | © GHYCZY
Refined Ecclectisism | © GHYCZY
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A Look at GHYCZY's Trendy, Timeless Collection

Picture of Amber C. Snider
Home & Design Editor
Updated: 14 December 2017
When it comes to design, the Dutch rarely miss the mark. This new collection from the Netherlands embodies all the trends from this year, while embracing a serene, polished look for 2018.
GHYCZY_Soft Sophistication HR 005
Soft Sophistication | © GHYCZY

Millennial pink, bold rose tones, and chrome accents were everywhere throughout 2017. GHYCZY’s latest collection gives these global trends a timeless spin, while staying true to their brand’s philosophy of “slow design.” The sustainable collection comes from founder Peter Ghyczy, a Hungarian-born German, who set up the family atelier in the Netherlands nearly forty-four years ago.

The sixteen pieces in this collection are made from locally-sourced materials, are “lovingly assembled by a well-versed team” of craftsman, and offer a soothing balance of textures, colors, and materials.

GHYCZY_Refined Ecclectisism HR 001
Refined Ecclectisism | © GHYCZY

“With the 2018 collection, my aim is to present new designs that complement our existing ranges, but using exiting new materials such as onyx and play on the tactility of the GHYCZY aesthetic,” says Ghyczy.

“As always my designs take their orientation from their purpose. They’re based on technical solutions that I apply in a new way. Again and again, technology plays the central role in determining their form—that is, it’s the force of reason that pervades the design.”

GHYCZY_Refined Ecclectisism HR 004
Refined Eclecticism | © GHYCZY

The Duet GBO3 bench, for instance, embraces the now-ubiquitous millennial pink, in a lightweight design, constructed over a metal frame. But it’s not all light pink hues and whimsy in this collection. With a jeweled color scheme and tactile materials, GHYCZY’s line features forest greens, gemstone blues, and rich purples—all the on-trend shades for 2018.

From the hand-crafted plush chairs to the 1970s-inspired tables, to the space saving wooden shelves, this elegant collection is sure to be imitated (and highly coveted) in the coming years.

Refined Eclecticism | © GHYCZY

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