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One of Amsterdam's beautiful canals | © Fred PO / Flickr
One of Amsterdam's beautiful canals | © Fred PO / Flickr
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Destination Restaurants A Bike-Ride Away From Amsterdam City Centre

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Amsterdam has some of the finest restaurants in the world and many are only a short bike journey from the city centre. Riding to these destinations, you’re sure to build up an appetite and perhaps discover some hidden gems along the way.

REM Island

REM is housed inside an offshore platform that was once used by Dutch pirate radio broadcasters. In 2006, it was towed from the North Sea to Amsterdam harbor and transformed into a restaurant. Today, it offers fine dining at an affordable price; and from its balconies, visitors can enjoy unparalleled views across the city. REM also has a rooftop bar known for its exceptional cocktails; guests can access the island from a short bridge that connects it to the mainland.

📍Haparandadam 45-2

Little Collins

Little Collins is named after a street in Melbourne that is famous for its brunch restaurants. At lunchtime, Little Collins serves a fine selection of hearty Australian dishes alongside generously sized bloody Marys and creamy flat whites; making it the perfect spot for a late weekend brunch. Their evening menu revolves around small plates that are designed to be shared, and includes beef tartare and locally sourced fish. Expect high quality service and a friendly atmosphere.

📍Eerste Sweelinckstraat 19F

Café Restaurant Plantage

This restaurant is actually part of Amsterdam zoo; guests seated on the terrace can spot flamingoes and other exotic birds from their tables. The restaurant’s interior resembles a large conservatory and its impressive windows are complimented by art deco styled chandeliers. Guests can order á la carte or choose from the restaurant’s seasonal menu. Plenty of local beers are served on tap alongh with a wide variety of French wines and Plantage’s famous gin and tonics.

📍Plantage Kerklaan 36

Flamingoes near Plantage | © Eric de Redelijkheid / Flickr
Flamingoes near Plantage | © Eric de Redelijkheid / Flickr

Pho 91

This cozy Vietnamese restaurant is located in the heart of Amsterdam’s popular De Pijp district. The restaurant’s menu is inspired by traditional Vietnamese recipes and uses locally sourced ingredients to create fresh and healthy meals. Most dishes are gluten and dairy free, and many are vegetarian. Terrace seating is available, but most guests choose to sit side by side in Pho 91’s main dining room, enjoying the restaurant’s welcoming ambience.

📍Albert Cuypstraat 91HS


Roest was built inside an abandoned shipping yard overlooking a wide canal, and it capitalizes on the location. The aesthetic reflects its industrial surroundings, and the restaurant’s interior is decorated with colorfully painted girders and pipes. During summer Roest opens an artificial beach, complete with diving board and deck chairs where guests can lounge whilst enjoying the restaurant’s laid back atmosphere. Meals are ordered inside and the menu is centered around burgers, pulled pork, and other grilled foods.

📍Jacob Bontiusplaats 1

Bicycle parking outside of Roest | © Alper Çuğun / Flicker
Bicycle parking outside of Roest | © Alper Çuğun / Flicker

Mossel & Gin

Mossel & Gin is tucked inside of Westerpark; guests traveling to the restaurant are treated to a pleasant bike ride through one of the greenest parts of Amsterdam. As its name suggests, the restaurant’s menu is devoted to sea food and gin cocktails. Variety of gins are on offer, and guests can even try a mayonnaise laced with the liquor.

📍Gosschalklaan 12


The North of Amsterdam is fast becoming one of the city’s trendiest districts and Pllek is at the forefront of this revival. Pllek’s terrace boarders the river Ij and is the perfect place to watch the sunset over Amsterdam’s harbor. The restaurant works with a seasonal menu, offering a selection of locally caught fish and traditional Dutch vegetables alongside other high quality meals. NDSM ferry is only a short distance away, connecting this part of Amsterdam to Central station.

📍TT Neveritaweg 59

View from Pllek's waterside terrace | © BakerlooTheReal / Flickr
View from Pllek’s waterside terrace | © BakerlooTheReal / Flickr

Restaurant De School

De School’s menu changes every week and guests can choose between three to seven courses. Part of a larger organization that specializes in cultural events, the restaurant is located in a space that combines industrial chic with elegant decor. Meals are served by candlelight and guests can relax on the restaurant’s spacious terrace. Afterwards they can enjoy a concert at De School’s famous night club, or discover local artists in its acclaimed gallery.

📍Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat 1

Wine by candlelight | Pixabay
Wine by candlelight | Pixabay