8 Best Houseboats To Rent In Amsterdam

© Mark Drewe / Flickr
© Mark Drewe / Flickr
Amsterdam has plenty of water, and not much space. This has meant that many people have decided to set up their homes on the city’s canals and rivers, converting boats into full-fledged houses. Many of these vessels are available to rent, and offer travellers an unique experience of Amsterdam. To help you choose among this flotilla, we have compiled a list of the best floating accommodation inside of the Dutch capital.

Houseboat Troika

Troika doubles up as a cruise vessel with its owners offering a tour of Amsterdam’s canals from the comfort of its spacious deck. The boat is moored near Amsterdamse Bos and is close to several tram stops and metro stations. There are five beds inside of Troika and the boat has a kitchenette where guests can prepare their own meals.

Amsterdam Bos © Mad Kramers / Flickr

Blue Wave

This hospitable houseboat is anchored in De Costakade, a beautiful canal in Amsterdam West. Museumplein and Anne Frank House are both nearby while the bustling Kinkerstraat is on Blue Wave’s doorstep. The boat has spacious double rooms and a large canal side terrace complete with tables and chairs.

De Costakade at night © Ovidiu Curcan / Flickr

Little Budha

Little Budha is a spacious boat located in the Houthaven dockyard. Its owners claim that their ship is one of the oldest in the world, and has been fully renovated in order to meet modern needs. De Joordan and Central station are visible from Little Budha’s deck, and both are a short tram ride away. The boat can accommodate up to eight people and has a large dining area.

REM eiland is in Houthavens © Guilhem Vellut / Flickr

Houseboat Clipper

Unlike most houseboats, Clipper is actually a charted ship that has been sailing across Europe for almost 100 years. The boat is still seaworthy and has a crew on hand for excursions. Clipper can comfortably house up to 24 guests and contains a full living room as well as a kitchen. Above deck, guests can enjoy a BBQ on Clipper’s huge terrace or grab a bite to eat in nearby de Jordaan district.

De Joordan © Anas Balushi / Flickr

Houseboat Tulip

Houseboat Tulip is moored next to Waterlooplein, meaning that the center of Amsterdam is only a stone’s throw away. It has a cosy open plan layout and is particularly well lit thanks to its large ceiling windows. There is a full kitchen on site, and the boat is a perfect place for a family getaway or a trip with a small group of friends.

Vintage clothes at Waterlooplein market © Michell Zappa / Flickr

Kapitien Anna

Kapitein Anna is a large paddle boat that dates back to the early 20th century. The boat is docked in Amsterdam North but makes frequent journeys across the river IJ. Although Kapitein Anna is relatively small, it acts as a full blown hotel, housing several rooms and an elegant bar with a large lounge area.

View across the river Ij © BakerLooTheReal / Flickr

Houseboat Jupiter

Jupiter is tethered to the banks of the river Amstel and is moored next to the Hermitage Museum. The boat has two large floors that have recently been renovated and is filled with all the latest mod-cons. The historic Magere Brug is nearby—a beautiful bridge that is considered to be one of the most romantic spots in Amsterdam.

Magere Brug © Simone Richter / Flickr

Amstel Botel

Considering Amstel Botel‘s massive size it can’t really be called a houseboat. Nonetheless, this floating three-star hotel is a great place to experience a maritime-themed excursion. The hotel is docked in NDSM wharf, one of Amsterdam’s trendiest neighborhoods, and has a luxurious sundeck as well as a cosy café. Special rooms are available inside the hotel that are designed around the ship’s unique interior.

Amstel Botel © Guilhem Vellut / Flickr