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7 Events You Cannot Miss At Amsterdam Dance Event 2015
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7 Events You Cannot Miss At Amsterdam Dance Event 2015

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Updated: 24 April 2017
Now in its 19th year, Amsterdam Dance Event will once again prove the city’s reputation as a front-runner of the electronic music scene. Taking place over four days (14th-18th of October) ADE will showcase some of the finest acts that contemporary electronic music has to offer. Here are seven of the best events going on during the festival.

The end of summer, for most cities, marks the end of the festival season. With the nights dragging out and the cold weather setting in, it’s time to put away the dark-glasses and short-sleeves, and with a solemn yawn, settle down with a cup of Horlicks to wait for next year’s season. That is, unless you’re in Amsterdam, which will be hosting Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) from the 14th-18th of October, the biggest electronic music festival and conference in the world. The city’s notoriously horizontal rain might be off-putting for some, but it’s a small sacrifice when considering the wide variety of forward-thinking electronic music the festival has to offer. Featuring some of the best DJs in the world in some of the finest venues of the Dutch capital, ADE is a must for anyone interested in the future of their favorite electronic-based genres.

Spread over seventy clubs, bars and cultural spaces, spanning the entirety of the city, ADE offers four days of uninterrupted electronic music appreciation, with its events covering the full spectrum of electronic sub-genres. Understanding that consumption demands production, ADE will also deliver conferences and workshops connecting professional and amateur audiences involved in the contemporary dance scene, as well as providing a city-wide playground featuring pop-up stores and secret events.

With such a diverse line-up choosing which events to attend might be a bit imposing for a casual festival goer. Fortunately, we’re here to help, with a round-up of some of the best events happening at this year’s ADE.

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25 Years of Ninja Tune | 15th October

With both its current members and alumni being some the most successful and influential electronic musicians of the last twenty-five years, Ninja Tune deserves our applause. And to celebrate a quarter of a century of outstanding music, the label will be taking over Melkweg, in the heart of Amsterdam’s bustling Liedseplein. With a line-up featuring producers at the height of their game, including Bonobo (DJ set) and George Fitzgerald, the night promises smooth and hard sounds, representing the forefront of contemporary electronic music.

Melkweg,Lijnbaansgracht 234A, Amsterdam, Netherlands,+31 20 531 8181

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Winter Circus Opening Weekender | 16th-18th October

Hosted by the record labels Monaberry, Thuishaven and Hey! over three consecutive nights, Winter Circus will take place within the vinyl arches of a big-top tent, as its name suggests,and feature all the fun of the fair, including fire dancers, masked performers and acrobatics, complemented with explosive visuals.

Thuishaven,Contactweg 60, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Breakfast Club – 3 Days ADE | 16th-18th October

Spent all night partying but aren’t ready for bed? Opening its doors at 7am, Closure’s Breakfast Club is the fix for everyone still going after dawn. Equally dedicated to techno/ house and wholesome breakfast foods, Breakfast Club will provide that needed boost into the next night’s celebrations.

Closure, Rozengracht 133, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Rush Hour x L.I.E.S x Banlieue | October 17th

With three of Berlin, Brooklyn, and Amsterdam’s most prominent record labels at the helm, October the 17th in the Neiuwe-West’s Radion promises a clash of some of the finest electronic music from the east and west sides of the Atlantic. With heavy beats from I-F, Interstellar Funk and many more, staying until 10am won’t be so much of an option as a necessity.

Radion, Louwesweg 1, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Smallville x Odd Fantastic | 16th October

Getting a vantage point in Amsterdam can be tricky. Its famous flatness might be the ideal environment for bikes and canals, but for panoramas, it leaves a lot to be desired. Situated on the top floor of the Volkshotel, Canvas is the ideal spot to view Amsterdam in its full magnificence. And with two of Germany’s leading underground record labels supplying music from their most talented producers, October the 16th will undoubtedly match its venue’s altitude with musical energy, skill and performance.

Canvas, Wibautstraat 150, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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BAM BAM ADE | 16th October

Renowned as an incubator of Amsterdam’s underground scene, the former squat, OT30, will be hosting one of dub music’s hottest events. With Berlin’s Sarah Farina heading the bill – a producer acclaimed for her effortless mix of minimalism and jungle – and Amsterdam’s very own Sun Collective and Liquorish Dubz Rec supporting, BAM BAM will offer pristine soundscapes complemented with breaks of heavy bass illustrative of the continent’s growing dub scene.

OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Rush Hour ADE- Instores | 14th-18th October

Good music doesn’t always have to happen late at night, and an awesome DJ doesn’t need the backdrop of a club to show-off his or her talent. Taking place each night of ADE, from 7pm to 9pm, Rush Hour Instores will feature guest DJs mixing in a relaxed environment, at the hub of one of the Netherlands’ most established record labels, letting you chill to some great tunes before, or after, a heavy night.

Rush Hour Records, Spuistraat 98, Amsterdam, Netherlands,+31 20 427 4505

For more information on all the events happening during ADE go to the festival’s official website.