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Hutspot | © Franklin Heijnen / Flickr
Hutspot | © Franklin Heijnen / Flickr
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7 Best Concept Stores To Visit In Amsterdam

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Updated: 19 September 2016
Amsterdam has refined shopping into an art and the city contains several world-leading concept stores. These showrooms seamlessly combine retail with relaxation, ensuring that shoppers can browse at their own leisure. Many of these stores are part of wider cultural organisations and house wonderful cafés and lounges alongside their main studios.
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Hutspot is an effortlessly cool department store that caters to every facet of urban culture. It has a huge collection of beautifully designed modern furniture and clothing, created by established studios and artisans. The store also employs an amazing team of local specialists and houses a barber, lunchroom and coffee bar. During weekends, Hutspot transforms into a venue that hosts live concerts and pop-up events.

Rozengracht 204, 1016 NL Amsterdam, The Netherlands, +31 20 370 8708

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This is The Sh*t (T.I.T.S.)

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A branded tee by T.I.T.S.
A branded tee by T.I.T.S. | © T.I.T.S.

This is The Sh*t (T.I.T.S.)

T.I.T.S. stocks high quality products for modern women. The store is deliberately unconventional, and brilliantly curated by its team of Instagram-inspired fashion gurus. Its collection covers an eclectic range of modern essentials, including glittered iPhone cases, French designed basic apparel and provocatively-titled skin lotions. T.I.T.S. also supports local talent and often hires local artists to perform after hours at their store.

De Clercqstraat 78, 1052 NK Amsterdam, The Netherlands

So happy with our new T.I.T.S. bags!! 👏🏻 What do you think? 😋 #totebag #titsstore #pink #shopping #newarrivals #quote

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Tue - Fri:
11:00 am - 7:00 pm
11:00 am - 6:00 pm
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Concrete Matter

Concrete Matter is the best place in Amsterdam to pick up luxury male grooming products, and stocks old school safety razors, beard lotions and artisanal shaving creams. The store also houses a wide array of paraphernalia that panders to the modern gentleman, including Swiss Army knives, handmade ashtrays and antique scientific instruments.

Haarlemmerdijk 127, 1013 KE Amsterdam, The Netherlands, +31 20 261 0933

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Anna + Nina

The namesakes of this store set up shop in order to showcase their handcrafted jewelry. The small venture grew into a respected brand, and today Anna + Nina sells stationery, clothes and interior design products alongside their principle merchandise. Their designs are somewhere between cutesy and elegant, seamlessly combining modern chic with classic styles.

Kloveniersburgwal 44, 1012 CW Amsterdam, The Netherlands, +31 20 261 1767

Love the ANNA+NINA brooches. From graphic sketches to reality ✨ #annanina #brooches 👌🏽❤️

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Hôtel Droog

Hôtel Droog is a cultural initiative that challenges standard design practises, and is devoted to rethinking conventional forms and models. Its studio creates functional products with peculiar twists, making objects that are stripped down to their most basic components and then reworked into interesting new designs. Hôtel Droog also houses an amazing restaurant and regularly organizes workshops.

Staalstraat 7B, 1011 JJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands, +31 20 523 5059

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Hay’s flagship store in the Netherlands is attached to a Koffiesalon on Spuistraat, making it a great place to relax on a lazy weekend while browsing for furniture, accessories or stationery. Hay is based in Denmark and sells products that are inspired by Scandinavian design. Its products are exceptionally functional and keep to relatively minimalistic forms making them perfect for workplaces or homes.

Spuistraat 281, 1012 VR Amsterdam, The Netherlands, +31 20 370 8851

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Restored curates a large collection of exclusive products that are designed around simple, elegant shapes and ornate materials. The store has a beautiful, modest layout and constantly renews its catalogue, showcasing work from promising artists and designers. It sells a huge variety of products ranging from plant pots to eyewear.

Haarlemmerdijk 39, 1013 KA Amsterdam, The Netherlands, +31 20 337 6473

#concept store #Amsterdam

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