17 Stunning Photos That Show the Netherlands Is the Perfect Winter Destination

Another shot of de Veluwe after snowfall | © Doggettx / Flickr
Picture of Tom Coggins
Updated: 12 October 2017
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Even during the coldest months of the year, the Netherlands easily ranks among the best places to spend time abroad in Europe. In fact, many parts of the country become even more stunning during particularly cold spells and look truly incredible after ice, frost or snow has descended.
The open air ice rink outside the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam
A snowstorm in Amsterdam
Snow on Amsterdam’s canal belt
People skating on Amsterdam’s frozen canals
An illuminated artwork on Amsterdam’s frozen Prinsengracht canal, placed there during the city’s Light Festival
Utrecht Oudegracht canal in winter
Giethoorn’s famous canals frozen over
A line of bikes covered in snow
De Hoge Veluwe National Park after snowfall
Another shot of de Veluwe after snowfall
A cold morning at Zaans Schans
Crisp, morning mist over Kinderdijk Windmill Network
A country path near Asselt, Limburg
A wintry path outside Gouda
Another beautiful, wintry shot taken outside Ouder Amstell
The Dutch houses of parliament in the Hague capped with snow
Clear skies over Eierland Lighthouse on the island of Texel
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