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10 Smart Interior Ideas to Steal From This Beautifully Renovated Dutch House
© Tim van de Velde
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10 Smart Interior Ideas to Steal From This Beautifully Renovated Dutch House

Picture of Charlotte Luxford
Home & Design Editor
Updated: 31 October 2017
Whether you have a featureless new-build or a period home, there are plenty of inspirational ideas to take from this home in north Amsterdam, which has cleverly combined and contrasted old and new elements to create a distinctive look. Here are 10 ways to maximise the potential of your own home.
© Tim van de Velde

Take a view

This clever glazing is called an oriel window – a type of bay window which projects from the main wall of the house but doesn’t touch the ground. It’s perfect for contemporary homes, offering a super sleek look that also doubles up as a window seat, framing the view to the garden beyond – the perfect spot for reading a book.

© Tim van de Velde

Make a statement

One way to add character to a new property is to get creative with bespoke joinery. Not only are these bookshelves recessed, which saves on space, the unique geometric design has turned them into a stand-out feature of the home.

© Tim van de Velde

Opt for coloured floors over walls

Who says that colour always has to go on the walls? This floor has been covered in a playful apple green surface, leaving the walls a crisp white to really embrace the height and airiness of the angular ceiling – a colour on the wall would be distracting here, but it works perfectly on the floor instead.

© Tim van de Velde

Upcycle your kitchen units

Using reclaimed timber for the units not only gives the kitchen a custom-made feel on a budget, they also add colour and texture to an otherwise neutral space.

© Tim van de Velde

Bring the outside in

Incorporating plenty of lush greenery into the home will instantly give you a sense of being connected to the outdoors, but what’s really smart about this room is that they’ve put the plants in front of the glazing that leads out to the garden, blurring the distinction between the internal and external spaces and creating a further link to the outside space.

© Tim van de Velde

Clean up your bathroom layout

This super-tiny bathroom has made the most of a tight spot, tucking a built-in bath under the eaves. A salvaged piece of furniture has been turned into a vanity unit rather than opting for the standard-looking bathroom cabinet, which adds character and interest to the white room. A clerestory window has been installed to let in much-needed light while still maintaining privacy.

© Tim van de Velde

Get handy at home

Adding a touch of homespun charm and lovingly crafted items will take the edge off a newly renovated house and transform it from a slightly sterile environment into a personal and comfortable space to spend time in.

© Tim van de Velde

Incorporate seamless storage

Every square inch of space has been maximised in this project, including making the most of the vast expanse underneath the staircase, which is often overlooked. Handleless doors and drawers keep the look streamlined and subtle.

© Tim van de Velde

Come over to the dark side

Black timber cladding has become increasingly popular with architects, using a traditional Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban to char the wood in order to protect it against the elements and parasites. It’s a simple way to add a distinctive, crisp and modern look to a renovated property.

© Tim van de Velde

Mix old and new

Put new elements and existing features in direct contrast with each other for a dramatic effect and a distinctive look; here the birch-plywood staircase with a sleek, linear handrail sits directly next to the old brickwork of the original property, which has been exposed for textural interest.

© Tim van de Velde

This project was completed by Chris Collaris Architects. To see more of the firm’s work, click here. For more inspirational interior ideas, see how to incorporate raw finishes into your home here, or find tips on how to recreate the industrial style here.