10 Places to Enjoy Autumn in Amsterdam

© StanTheCaddy / Flickr
© StanTheCaddy / Flickr
Photo of Tom Coggins
13 September 2017

As autumn descends on Amsterdam and the season’s bitter weather sets in, it is important to remember that the city looks amazing during the colder months of the year and may even feel more welcoming, cosy, or gezellig during chilly spells. Here are some awesome places around Amsterdam that become even more incredible in autumn.


While Vondelpark might be an obvious choice, it is always worth mentioning the park due to its well deserved, perennial popularity. In autumn, the entire park takes on an orangey hue, which looks particularly stunning around midday, when the sun’s at its brightest.

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Amsterdamse Bos

Much like Vondelpark, Amsterdam Bos becomes an Instagrammer’s daydream in autumn. There’s hundreds of photogenic spots around the park including several paths that trails through rugged forests and ancient woodlands.

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The Eye Filmmuseum

Nothing beats camping out with a dark beer, whiskey or mint tea at The Eye Filmmuseum’s bar over autumn, especially when you bag a seat behind the museum’s massive screen windows which look onto Amsterdam’s largest waterway, the river IJ. There’s also three state-of-the-art cinemas onsite that screen blockbusters, indie films and classic movies throughout the week.

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NDSM-Werf’s industrial charms really stand out during the colder months and the area’s grey, graffitied backdrop matches wonderfully with harsher weather. Their neighbourhood hosts plenty of awesome events over autumn, including its monthly IJ-Hallen flea market.

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The River Amstel

Riding a bike or taking a long stroll along the banks of the river Amstel is particularly rewarding during autumn. Make sure to bring a smartphone, as there are some incredibly photogenic landmarks along the way including one of the most romantic spots in Amsterdam – the Skinny Bridge.

Skinny Bridge (Magere Brug in Dutch) | © djedj / pixabay

The Canal Belt

Amsterdam’s Canal Belt easily ranks among the most beautiful historical sites in the world and features some of the most charming spots in the whole city whose appearance only improves over autumn.

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Although this tiny sanctuary in Amsterdam’s city centre always looks stunning, there’s something special about seeing the courtyard draped in autumnal foliage. Furthermore, there usually considerably less tourists in the city during autumn meaning that visitors to Begijnhof might have the entire courtyard to themselves.

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Brouwerij ‘t IJ

This craft brewery in Amsterdam-Oost is positioned underneath the tallest windmill in the city and has a small beer garden that edges underneath this mammoth machine. As sitting outside might become a little less desirable during autumn, it is worth mentioning that Brouwerij ‘t IJ has an indoor taproom which serves a wide range of seasonal brews including a particularly popular variety of bokbier – a classic, dark Dutch beer that’s traditionally drank over autumn.

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Anywhere that serves glühwein

As autumn rolls in, bars and cafés throughout the Netherlands start to serve homemade glühwein. This spiced concoction tastes quite similar to British or American mulled wine, but contains slightly different ingredients that match Dutch palettes.

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Anywhere that serves fresh appeltaart

Eating warm, thick-crusted, Dutch-style apple pie with whipped cream might be the best thing about autumn in the Netherlands. Thankfully there are plenty of places around Amsterdam that bake and serve this delicious treat. Hit this link to discover the best places to sample apple pie in the city.

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