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Typical townhouses in Amsterdam | © pixabay
Typical townhouses in Amsterdam | © pixabay
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10 Cool Places to Shop on Amsterdam's Nine Streets

Picture of Tom Coggins
Updated: 2 July 2017
The photogenic neighbourhood that trails through the western quarter of Amsterdam’s central canal belt is colloquially known as the Nine Streets. Among the dozens of independent, boutique, and brand stores inside this picturesque district there are several shopping spots that warrant special consideration due to their unique, chic or unrivalled collections.


This awesome three-level second-hand clothing store on Huidenstraat stocks many classic items that have only gotten better with age. There are plenty of preloved, high-quality brand items available inside including Levis, Cheap Monday and Doc Martens.

📍Zipper, Huidenstraat 7, Amsterdam, +31 20 623 7302

Waxwell Records

Vinyl stores never really went out of fashion in Amsterdam and there are still plenty of excellent records dealers spread throughout the city. Waxwell Records, for example, opened around 10 years ago and has since become a staple of Amsterdam’s vinyl scene. The store’s hiphop, soul and funk collection is almost unrivalled inside the Netherlands and always features a diverse range of rare or limited edition LPs.

📍Waxwell Records, Gasthuismolensteeg 6, Amsterdam, +31 20 627 1600

Waxwell Records has an incredible collection of secondhand vinyls
Waxwell Records has an incredible collection of secondhand vinyls | © pixabay


This quirky eyewear museum moonlights as an antique dealership and sells hundreds of vintage glasses from the last century and beyond. As the Brillmuseum only sells unworn vintage glasses its entire collection is essentially brand new.

📍Brillmuseum, Gasthuismolensteeg 7, Amsterdam, +31 20 320 5258

Van Ravenstein

As Van Ravenstein buys its stock directly from up-and-coming or established European fashion designers its collection is always way ahead of the curb. Although many of these exclusive items are available online, it is worth checking out Van Ravenstein’s ultra-modern boutique store on Kiezersgarcht to experience the studio’s full collection.

📍 Van Racenstein, Keizersgracht 359, Amsterdam, +31 20 639 0067

Concrete Matter

Concrete Matter’s collection revolves around timeless clothing and equipment that is designed to last for decades, such as thick flannel shirts or classic Swiss army knives. The store exclusively sells evergreen items and always keeps enduringly stylish gear in stock.

📍Concrete Matter, Gasthuismolensteeg 12, Amsterdam, +31 20 261 0933

De Kaaskamer

Due to its massive selection of delicious gouda and edam (as well as many others) de Kaaskamer is among the most popular cheese stores in Amsterdam. The store sells many classic Dutch wheels and will gladly vacuum-pack cheese for the road or air travel.

📍De Kaaskamer, Runstraat 7, Amsterdam, +31 20 623 3483

De Kaaskamer
De Kaaskamer | © cheeslave / flickr

Anecdote Boutique

Anecdote started out in 2009 after local designer Jetteke van der Wyck van Beuninge decided to create her own fashion label in Amsterdam. Their boutique store on Wolvenstraat stocks timeless womenswear and always features many high-quality, modern items that were designed in-house.

📍Anecdote Boutique, Wolvenstraat 15, Amsterdam, +31 20 330 4300

Ace & Tate

Ace & Tate’s stunning, affordable eyewear has been making waves across Europe over the past few years and the company recently opened several brand stores beyond Dutch borders. The company started off in Amsterdam and still has a welcoming showroom in the Nine Streets.

📍Ace & Tate, Huidenstraat 20HS, Amsterdam, +31 20 261 8920

The Darling

Since launching in 2009, The Darling has grown into a veritable brand and is among the most popular womenswear stores in Amsterdam. Their flagship store in the Nine Streets is housed within a charming townhouse and sells a wide variety of affordable, yet classy clothing, jewellery and lifestyle products.

📍The Darling, Runstraat 4, Amsterdam, +31 20 422 3142

The Game Keeper

The Gamekeeper on Hartenstraat sells almost every type of board game from around the world, including many enduring classics such as backgammon, Settlers of Catan and Warhammer paraphernalia. There’s also plenty of jigsaw puzzles inside, many of which feature images of iconic landmarks from around the Netherlands.

📍The Game Keeper, Hartenstraat 14, Amsterdam, +31 20 638 1579

Colonists of Catan
Colonists of Catan | © yoppy / Flickr