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Take a stroll across the world's longest pedestrian bridge | Ⓒ Europaweg
Take a stroll across the world's longest pedestrian bridge | Ⓒ Europaweg
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World's Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge Has Opened in Switzerland

Picture of Sean Mowbray
Updated: 3 August 2017
Spanning 494 metres and reaching a head-spinning height of 85 metres, the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge has opened in Switzerland.

The Charles Kuonen bridge is found near the town of Ronda and stretches across a valley connecting Grächen to the popular ski resort of Zermatt. Braving the 10-minute walk across the bridge offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountain ranges, including the world-famous Matterhorn, while the metal grated floor leaves you with a sweat-inspiring view on to the valley floor far below.

The bridge took Swiss company Swissrope only 10 weeks to build after a landslide left the previous one seriously damaged and unusable. If this quick turnaround gives you pause, there is no need to worry; Swissrope hjas built suspension bridges all across the country. The bridge now forms part of the Europaweg foot trail and cuts the journey across the valley by as much as four hours.

The new bridge snatched the title of longest pedestrian bridge from China’s Dragon Cliff skywalk, a 430-metre-long glass-bottomed bridge that hangs 300 metres above the ground.

Vertigo-free visitors to Zermatt should definitely add a trek to the Charles Kuonen bridge on to their to-do list.