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Glass and the sky merge at Zurich's Prime Tower |© Bill/ Flickr
Glass and the sky merge at Zurich's Prime Tower |© Bill/ Flickr
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The Most Impressive Buildings in Zurich

Picture of Sean Mowbray
Updated: 4 August 2017
Historical buildings and modern builds come together in Zurich, a city that is always stepping forward and pushing the boundaries of design while remembering its past. Discover some of the city’s architecture, which combines the best of both worlds—the old and the new.
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Prime Tower

The 126-metre Prime Tower was Switzerland’s tallest skyscraper for about four years until it was ousted by the Roche Tower in Basel. It stands over the former industrial centre of Zurich West. With mirrored panels that reflect the mood of the sky, it is an unmistakeable sight. Inside is a mixture of shops, office space and a few restaurants, one of which is fittingly called Clouds.

Prime Tower, Hardstrasse 201, Zürich, Switzerland, +41 58 800 49 00

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Fraumünster Church

One of the main landmarks in Zurich is Fraumünster Church with its green steeple. In the 1970s, Marc Chagall created a five-piece series of stained-glass windows for the church, each measuring 9 metres, that line the chancel and depict stories from Christian lore.

Fraumünster Kirche, Münsterhof 2, Zürich, Switzerland, +41 44 211 41 00

A historic image of Fraumünster Church | WikiCommons

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Pavillon Le Corbusier

With a façade that resembles an unfinished Rubik’s cube, Pavillon Le Corbusier is among the more interesting buildings in Zurich. The building was designed by Le Corbusier himself, otherwise known as Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, a famous Swiss-French architect and designer.

Pavillon Le Corbusier, Höschgasse 8, Zürich, Switzerland, +41 44 383 64 70

Pavillon Le Corbusier| © Roland zh/ WikiCommons

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Created by Camenzind Evolution Ltd., this one-of-a-kind, spiral-concept building takes modern office space to the extreme. You’ll find Cocoon, a mass of metal sitting among green trees, in the Seefeld district. On the inside, a gently sloping ramp follows the spiral design, which makes for a trippy look up.

Cocoon, Seefeldstrasse 287, Zürich, Switzerland, +41 44 253 95 00

Cocoon – 012 © Evolution Design, Photo: Ferit Kuyas

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Grossmünster’s Romanesque style and imposing towers make it an unmissable and memorable sight in the city’s old town. This historic building is where the Protestant Reformation began in Switzerland, and it is listed as a place of national significance by the Swiss government.

Grossmünster, Grossmünsterplatz, Zürich, Switzerland, +41 44 250 66 51

Grossmünster | © Roland zh/WikiCommons

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Kirche St. Peters

Dating back to the 9th century, St. Peters is Zurich’s oldest parish church. Its most striking aspects are the huge 8.64-metre clock faces on each side of the church tower, which are the largest in Europe, and make it considerably easier to tell the time throughout the city.

Kirche St. Peters, St. Peterhofstatt 2, Zürich, Switzerland, +41 044 211 60 57