The Best Things to See and Do in Lungern, Switzerland

Lungernsee and Lungern | © descubriendoelmundo / Flickr
Lungernsee and Lungern | © descubriendoelmundo / Flickr
Photo of Sean Mowbray
16 January 2018

Nestled in the canton of Obwalden, on the road between Lucerne and Interlaken, you’ll find the mountain town of Lungern. This natural paradise, surrounded by mountain trails, is the perfect destination for nature lovers and hikers alike. Here are the best things to see and do.


Almost every valley you pass through in Switzerland seems to be home to a stunningly beautiful lake. Lungern is no exception as you’ll see from the Lungernsee, or Lake Lungern. Benefiting from the town’s pleasant climate, the lake is perfect for bathing in summer. Game fishing, yachting and windsailing are all popular sports that you can have a shot at.

Nature trail

From Lungern you can stretch your legs on a 2.5km long trail through the nearby forest and learn what the area looked like some 15,000 years ago, when the last ice of the Ice Age that covered Europe was receding. Great for a pleasant, and educational stroll.

Hiking around Lungern | © Ankit Bhageria/ Flickr

Schmetterlingspfad (Butterfly trail)

If the nature trail left you wanting more, then you should embark on the butterfly trail. If you time your trip right, between June to September, you’ll be able to chase over 100 different species of butterfly as they flutter around the flowering flowers. The network of trails runs for 16kms and there are spots along the way to stop and enjoy a picnic in the fresh air.

If you time your trip right you’ll have dozens of butterflies as company on these trails | © Stefan Maurer/ Flickr

The Brünig Pass

The Brünig Pass is a road that acts as a bridge between Central Switzerland and the Bernese Oberland to the north. But it’s also a great area to hike. From Lungern you can embark on a roughly four-hour long trek through iconic Swiss scenery, including high mountain peaks, lush, cow-speckled meadows and peaceful forests.

Snowshoeing and skiing

Take the Lungern-Turren-Bahn from Lungern to reach Turren, a popular hiking and snowsports spot. From here you can embark on a number of activities or just set off on your own for a stroll in the mountains. In winter you can take a crack at building an igloo or strap a pair of snow shoes on for a scenic trek. Other skiing areas such as Mörlialp, Melchsee-Frutt and Hasliberg are easily reached from Lungern.