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© Snufkin/ Pixabay
© Snufkin/ Pixabay
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The Best Fashion Boutiques in Geneva, Switzerland

Picture of Sean Mowbray
Updated: 26 June 2017
Geneva is a great location for shopping. It’s packed full of designers stores that feature top brands from all over the world. But it’s also the perfect place to find unique items that you won’t get elsewhere. Discover the unique boutique stores that you must visit for the latest in fashion and design in Geneva, Switzerland.


Tucked away inside Geneva’s Old Town is Noa, an unpretentious and laidback fashion store. Sure, it’s got some of the big designers like Forte Forte, Roseanna and Carven, but once you’re lured in by the enticing shopfront you’ll find it’s a relaxed atmosphere, perfectly reflected in the clothes that cuts a blend between comfort and style. There’s also a great range of kids clothes.

Noa, Rue du Vieux-Collège 10bis, Geneva, Switezrland, +4 12 2810 0504

La Muse

Featuring both internationally renowned designers and closer-to-home Swiss talent, La Muse is on the pulse of the latest trends. As well as the top fashion pieces, there are unique items that’ll make a great addition to your wardrobe. Every item you would want to find, from lingerie, footwear and accessories, are here.

La Muse, 7 Rue du Vieux-Collège, Geneva, Switzerland, +4 12 2311 2627

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Downtown Geneva

Downtown Geneva is a rare find in Geneva as it’s one of the only completely male orientated boutique stores. The latest trends are racked up alongside second-hand bargains, and unique locally-made items that you won’t find anywhere else. Downtown is all about corporate social responsibility, that means fairtrade and exploitation-free clothing, so if you want to know your new outfit has been fairly made, you’re in safe hands here.

Downtown Geneva, Rue de Monthoux 32, Geneva, Switzerland, +4 12 2364 6256

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Septieme Etage

Priding itself on the “non-photoshopped” look, the Septieme Etage is where to go for the unusual and unique side of fashion in Geneva. Owner Katharine brought some of the finest designers from New York when she opened her first store in 2000 and currently features plenty of new talent to keep things fresh and on trend. Browse through the online store for a taste of what you’ll find.

Septieme Etage, Rue du Perron 10, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland, +41 22 310 77 70

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Uptown Geneva

Uptown is packed with “previously loved” vintage outfits and designer dresses from some of the industry’s big names. Situated in the ever lively Pâquis district of Geneva, the store is also one of the best second-hand stores that you’ll find in Geneva where prices aren’t, always, astronomical.

Uptown Geneva, 32 rue de Monthoux, Geneva, Switzerland, +41 22 364 6256