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The Best Fashion Boutiques in Basel, Switzerland

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Updated: 23 August 2017
If you’re looking to get your shopping fix while in Basel, Switzerland be sure to head to these fashion boutiques to pick up a unique new accessory or outfit. If these doesn’t quite satisfy your shopping itch then you should also head to these great markets that are dotted around the city.
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Buckles & Belts

With a name that is rather self-explanatory, Buckle & Belts specialises in belts and only belts. Choose from over 80 belts and 160 buckles to customise your own perfect, and totally unique, accessory.

Buckles & Belts, Spalenberg 26, Basel, Switzerland, +41 61 261 09 77

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Boots’ n Heels

Looking for a pair of high quality cowboy boots straight out of the American West? Boots’ n Heels has got you covered with the biggest selection of leather boots and accessories that you’ll find in all of Basel.

Boots’ n Heels, Rebgasse 35, Basel, Switzerland, +41 61 681 84 80

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Chapeau Maria Hiepler

Your head has never had so much choice at Chapeau Maria Hiepler. Hats of every shape, style and colour can be found here and you’ll find yourself catered for with tips and advice from the helpful staff. Young and old, men and women can find their perfect headpiece at Maria Hiepler’s store.

Chapeau Maria Hiepler, Barfüssergasse 6, Basel, Switzerland, +41 61 272 77 74

Im Prozess

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Hot Lemon

Boasting brands like PrimaBase, JustCavali, Vivienne Westwood and Swiss Gangster Suits, Hot Lemon is a one-stop shop for all things fashion in Basel. You can also have your perfect suit, shirt, or coat, custom-made in store.

Hot Lemon, Gerbergässlein 22, Basel, Switzerland

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Even kids are entitled to look trendy, at least that’s what the owners of Müki will tell you. Their cool, basement store in Basel’s city centre is ground zero for kids shoes of all sizes and style. Your kids can even plonk themselves on to a throne in the centre of the store to round off this indulgent experience.

Müki, Münsterberg 14, Basel, Switzerland, +41 61 271 24 36

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Issue Design

At Issue Design, the focus is on longevity, not just single season outfits. Their tailored outfits, using high-quality materials coupled with intricate craftsmanship, create perfect outfits that’ll look in great in your wardrobe and last the seasons, never becoming dated or out of style.

Issue Design, Grünpfahlgasse 8, Basel, Switzerland, +41 61 261 14 16


Beldona‘s name is known far beyond Switzerland due to their high-quality and comfortable underwear and accessories. If you’re looking for lingerie, casual outfits or beachwear then head on to their store on Freie Strasse.

Beldona, Freie Strasse 103, Basel, Switzerland, +41 61 631 31 57