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The Nicest Cocktail Bars In Geneva
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The Nicest Cocktail Bars In Geneva

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Updated: 24 October 2016
Built up along the heavily-forested shores of Lake Geneva and the landmark 459 ft Jet d’Eau, Geneva is one of the great diplomatic and financial centers of the world – and home to some amazing cocktail bars! Here are some of our favorites.

Le Verre à Monique

This luxurious establishment in downtown Geneva provides the perfect escape from the more boisterous venues along the city’s main strip. Outfitted with 20s era décor, including a pair of cast-silver samovars (a throwback to prohibition, when liquor could not openly be served) and outdoor patio-seating, Le Verre a Monique is home to some of the rarer brands of high-quality liquors which more popular bars seldom carry – like the gin brands Greylock and Sacred.

Address: Rue des Savoises 19, 1205 Geneva, Switzerland +41 22 320 23 07

Berlin IckLiebeDir/Flickr
Berlin IckLiebeDir/Flickr

Le Kraken

Truly one of the more eclectic establishments of downtown, Le Kraken is one of the most interestingly decorated cocktail bars in the city. Situated along the bar-crowded Rue de l’Ecole-de-Médecine, its dark-painted interior is covered with antique sketches of game animals, death’s-heads, African masks and candle-brackets, all dimly illumined by a gorgeous chandelier and offset by deep red-leather sofas and a grand piano. Often frequented by students, and the weekend host to notoriously large crowds, this bar is best visited on one of the early weekdays.

Address: Rue de l’Ecole-de-Médecine 8, 1205 Geneva, Switzerland +41 22 321 59 41

L’Atelier Cocktail Club

With a massive bar, deep leather armchairs, and live piano performances, L’Atelier is among the most frequented cocktail bars in Switzerland. Situated in the heart of downtown Geneva and home to some of the most popular cocktails in the city, L’Atelier Cocktail Club combines the best elements of any nightlife venue: a commodious interior, expert bartenders, relaxed atmosphere, and low prices. Choose from an extensive menu that includes all your favorite classics and in-house creations like the Porn Star Martini, mixed with real passion fruit.

Address: Rue Henri-Blanvalet 11, 1207 Geneva, Switzerland +41 22 735 22 47


L’Apothicaire Cocktail Club

Located on the bar-crowded boulevard of Georges-Favon, with a low-lit interior, massive granite walls and lounge-style seating, is L’Apothicaire. Retaining some of the best mixologists in the city with an extensive menu of over twenty five original creations and cocktail classics, this cozy, upscale venue is a popular staple of Genevan nightlife. Look out for their takes on such favorites as the Vesper (from the James Bond novel ‘Casino Royale’) and the Old Fashioned – sugar, bitters and whisky with a slice of citrus zest.

Address: Boulevard Georges-Favon, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland +41 22 328 15 10

Rooftop 42

Set atop a high-rise office building in downtown and commanding a breath-taking view of the Jura Mountains, Lake Geneva and the world-famous, 459 ft Jet d’Eau, Rooftop 42 is as frequented for the exclusiveness of its view as for its name. A chic, minimalist venue with a gorgeous outdoor terrace and live nighttime entertainments including music and dancing, Rooftop 42 is all about presentation, and you may be sure whatever you order there to be no exception. Best enjoyed in fair weather, when the outdoor patio is alive and the views are clear, Rooftop 42 is the perfect place to round off a night on the town.

Address: Rue du Rhône 42, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland +41 22 346 77 00