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The Best Cafés and Coffee Shops in Basel, Switzerland

Picture of Sean Mowbray
Updated: 14 August 2017
Thinking of visiting Basel, Switzerland’s third city that’s perched on the border with both France and Germany? Before you set off, discover the best cafés and coffee shops that the city has to offer.
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1777 Kaffee Restaurant Bar

In the heart of Basel’s Old Town, 1777 Kaffee Restaurant Bar is stylishly retro and captures that old-timey café feel perfectly. For breakfast they offer Viennese-style coffee, promising you a different taste than the ubiquitous Italian espresso haunts. You can choose from a “large brown one”, “small brown one”, “a short brown one” or “frothed milk with steamed coffee, which is particularly good.

Im Schmiedenhof 10, Basel, +41 61 261 77 77

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La Fourchette

French-style food and drink is on offer at the quirky La Fourchette, where you can relax and enjoy your breakfast as late as mid-day. Dishes are locally sourced and seasonally available, so you know your food doesn’t come with a heavy carbon burden. On Sunday you can enjoy a “decadent” brunch, which includes a generous buffet and a choice of drinks (fresh fruit juice, coffee or tea or a glass of Prosecco).

Klybeckstrasse 122, Basel, +41 61 691 28 28

Café frühling

Sample some of the best and innovative coffee in town at Café frühling, which owns its own roasting shop right behind the café. Among the beverages you can try out are the rapid Aeropress coffee and Hario filter coffee, where the coffee is poured at a glacial pace, giving it a unique and rich flavour. The coffee here certainly packs a punch, but they also serve good breakfasts in a retro setting that’s perfect to start your day.

Klybeckstrasse 69, 4057 Basel, +41 61 544 80 38

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Beschle dates back to the 19th century, when the first in the family line started to make specialty pastries that quickly earned themselves a name among the people of Basel. Today is no different and the Beschle name still offers the same unique flavours in each of its four cafés. One of the best and largest is on the Centralbahnstrasse and is packed with fine pastries, healthy muesli, good coffee and of course, Beschle’s own chocolate brand.

Centralbahnstrasse 9, Basel, +41 61 295 40 50

Confiserie Bachmann

You’ll definitely want to visit at least one of Confiserie Bachmann’s three cafés that are dotted around Basel. All their products are freshly made in their own bakery and the best of them are the soft, buttery croissants and the great choice of mouth-watering chocolates and cakes. If you want to indulge for breakfast, look no further than Confiserie Bachmann.