The 10 Best Cultural Hotels in Zürich, Switzerland

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9 February 2017

Few cities are quite as magical and charming as Zürich, with its cobbled old-town streets, scenic lake and welcoming population. If you are looking to embark on a trip to the Swiss capital, these are the hotels you must stay in.

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  • Schweizerhof | © TheRunnerUp/WikiCommons


    Boutique Hotel, Hotel
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    The Schweizerhof Hotel is a Swiss institution and conveniently located directly opposite the main train station and close to the city centre. Throughout its history the hotel has excelled at offering outstanding service, impeccable rooms and a unique atmosphere. Additionally it features one of the city’s best French restaurants, La Soupière. The Schweizerhof manages to capture the essence of the Swiss capital, taking pride in its heritage while incorporating modern accents and never failing to uphold its simple elegance.

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    Widder Hotel

    The impressive Widder Hotel will dazzle visitors with beautiful 15th-century frescoes and historic heritage. The hotel manages to retain the influences of the past while successfully incorporating modern accents. Located in the famous Augustiner Quarter of Zurich, each of its rooms are styled individually with comforting wooden features, creating an elegant yet cosy atmosphere. Focusing on traditional Swiss decorations, the Widder Hotel offers a unique place to stay in the city and boasts a fantastic bar.

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    B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa

    Located in a former brewery, the elegant B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa now offers all the comforts of a premium hotel within a truly unique setting. Not only does it offer an impressive rooftop pool, overlooking the panorama of Zurich city, but also includes a private library with no fewer than 33,000 books. Within the lounge, visitors can indulge in skilfully prepared Swiss tapas or cheese plate while sipping on a glass of wine and immersing themselves in a thrilling novel.

    Hotel Rössli

    Chain Hotel, Hotel
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    The petite, yet comfortable Hotel Rössli is located in a historic old-town building and a wonderful choice for any traveller looking for an authentic Swiss get-away. While many hotels have increasingly modernised their interiors to fit the latest minimalist trends, the Hotel Rössli has maintained its own traditional signature.

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    Lady’s First Design Hotel

    Lady’s First Design Hotel is situated in a 19th-century town house close to the tranquil Seefeld district. The hotel offers stylish rooms and visitors can easily wander down to the shores of Lake Zurich for a morning stroll. Guests should also make use of the rooftop and luxurious spa.

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    Townhouse Boutique Hotel | Courtesy of Townhouse Boutique Hotel

    Townhouse Boutique Hotel

    The stylish Townhouse Boutique Hotel with its majestic Baroque-style wallpaper and decadent furniture is one of the most noteworthy addresses in the city. Located in the heart of Zurich, it offers an excellent place to embark on a sightseeing tour as well as excellent refuge from the bustling streets. Rather than following the predominantly minimalist features of a modern hotel, Townhouse has splurged on a quirky yet charming interior. Alongside impeccable rooms and an Honesty Bar with a spectular cocktail list, the Townhouse also provides an outstanding service and staff.

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    Baur au Lac | © Adrian Michael/WikiCommons

    Baur au Lac

    There’s hardly a more refined place to spend the night than Baur au Lac, close to the famous Bahnhofstrasse. The hotel was first inaugurated in 1844 and set the scene for the world-premier of Wagner’s Die Walküre. To this day it remains the meeting place for all sorts of important persona, from actors to artists and musicians. What’s more, having undergone renovations, Baur au Lac’s luxury rooms are more dazzling than ever before, managing to retain a homely atmosphere within a sophisticated setting.

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    The Dolder Grand | © Ximeg/WikiCommons

    The Dolder Grand

    Arguably one of Switzerland’s most scenic hotels, the Dolder Grand is situated a little outside the city centre on the Adlisberg Hill, offering stunning views over the surrounding area. Appearing much like a fairytale caste, this place dates back as far as 1899 and features a dazzling art collection with more than 100 masterpieces from Andy Warhol to Salvador Dalí. And as if that isn’t enough, its restaurant is run under the close supervision of Heiko Nieder, a two-Michelin-starred chef with an outstanding reputation.

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    Hotel Helmhaus

    Looking back over 650 years of hospitality, the Hotel Helmhaus is one of Zurich’s oldest and most reputable hotels. The four-star hotel has recently been renovated, offering classically designed rooms with a Swiss charm. Situated in one of the best parts of central Zurich, only a stone’s throw away from the old city, visitors can expect world class service and amenities. Helmhaus successfully establishes a balance between simple elegance and unique features, leaving no doubt about the reasons for its more than successful history.

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    Hotel Helvetia | Courtesy of Hotel Helvetia

    Hotel Helvetia

    The boutique Hotel Helvetia is one of the city’s trendiest places to spend the night, serving as a meeting point for the creative community of the Swiss capital. The stylish hotel looses nothing of its Swiss charm, offering you a more authentic experience than most chain hotels. Additionally, it is only minutes away from the city centre. Its modern interior with minimalist elements is a joy to any designer and shows true talent at every turn.

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