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© ~He Shoots He Scores~/Flickr

The 10 Best Coffee Shops in Geneva

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Updated: 19 April 2017

The coffee shop culture has truly arrived in Geneva, with many places dedicated to providing perfectly blended coffee opening in this exciting, cultural city over the past few years. From an American-style diner to quiet bookshop-cafés, we’ve picked out the very best places in town for a brew.

Boréal Coffee Shop

Priding itself on truly fantastic coffee, Boréal Coffee Shop does not disappoint, with an enormous choice of excellent brews prepared using a range of different techniques, including cold-drip and filter V60 to extract the very best taste from the beans. Its range of seating also caters to everyone, whether looking for a quick shot of caffeine by the counter or a long leisurely afternoon on a sofa. What’s more, the drinks are well complemented by a good range of sumptuous sandwiches and cupcakes.

60 Rue du Stand, Geneva, Switzerland, +41 22 310 69 60

Mochaccino at Boréal Coffee Shop | © Patrick Nouhailler

Mochaccino at Boréal Coffee Shop | © Patrick Nouhailler


Using the method of straight roasting, Mokafe produces aromatic, great-quality coffee that wafts through this small, comfortable establishment. A lovely spot for a drink and a quick snack, with its intimate, welcoming environment, this café provides a genuinely memorable coffee experience along with some delicious sandwiches.

9 Rue de la Madeleine, Geneva, Switzerland, +41 22 310 36 74

Birdie Food and Coffee

Nestled along an unassuming road in Geneva, be careful not to walk straight past the well-hidden Birdie Food and Coffee; a café that provides simply delectable drinks. Always serving premium Arabica coffee from mainly single origins and using a range of methods to prepare it, along with baristas who really know what they’re talking about, this is a place for those who really love their beans and brews. Complement your coffee experience with a lovely bagel, wrap or pastry, all freshly made in this cosy café.

40 Rue des Bains, Geneva, Switzerland, +41 22 320 29 00


Viverra Coffee

Located in the heart of the pleasant Pâquis district of Geneva, Viverra Coffee serves authentic java that is sourced directly from the Mountain Province, just north of the Philippines. Even the machines are more authentic than those found in your average coffee shop; the coffee machine used is a manual one that produces simply excellent espressos. The café is also a haven for culture-lovers, hosting regular art exhibitions and containing a range of books that are free to browse.

22 Rue du Môle, Geneva, Switzerland, +41 78 930 71 21

Coffee | © Ander Sprintz/Flickr

Coffee | © Ander Sprintz/Flickr


Happy Days Coffee

Venture just a few minutes’ drive out of Geneva’s centre to transport yourself into an authentic American diner experience at Happy Days Coffee. The decor leaves no question about its influences, with walls dripping with fun, American memorabilia and featuring traditional diner booths. As well as coffee, this joint features some brilliant bagels and brunch options, as well as thick, generous milkshakes.

12, Chemin de Pont-Céard, Versoix, Switzerland, +41 22 779 00 00

Café du Remor

Conveniently located in the heart of Geneva’s centre, the buzzing Café Remor is famous for being one of the first ice cream shops in the city, opening in 1921, and has since evolved into a vibrant and animated establishment. It serves a range of tea, coffee, and even cocktails (as well as its famous ice cream). One can really get a feel for its extensive history thanks to the lovely traditional decor and crowds of local patrons.

3, Place du Cirque, Geneva, Switzerland, +41 22 328 12 70

Bagel House Café

With its quirky American décor and ambiance, the Bagel House Café serves some of the best bagels in Geneva. The coffee is also delicious and the wide range of food options as well as the friendly vibe will encourage patrons to stay for several hours. An alternative to caffeine overload, there is also a good selection of fresh fruit juice and thick, American milkshakes.

3 Rue du Marché, Geneva, Switzerland, +41 79 132 80 85

Poppyseed bagel | © Lara604/Flickr

Poppyseed bagel | © Lara604/Flickr

Les Recyclables

Situated in a lovely second-hand bookshop, housing an impressive selection of around 11,000 titles, Les Recyclables café is a veritable paradise for literature and coffee lovers. Patrons can enjoy a tea or well-blended coffee in this intimate, bohemian setting, as well as a good range of full meals throughout the day or a few alcoholic drinks in the evening.

53 Rue de Carouge, Geneva, Switzerland, +41 22 328 60 44

Le Café de la Presse

Part of the equally chic Italian restaurant Le Réservoir, Le Café de la Presse is a great spot for a classy drink. A vestige of another era when newspaper offices used to populate this district, this café may no longer be the haunt of frantic journalists and hacks, but it still carries the same stylish, professional ambiance about it. Open every day, it is perfect both for a morning coffee and an evening tipple alike.

62-4 Boulevard Saint-Georges, Geneva, Switzerland, +41 22 320 62 99


The Cottage Café

True to its name, the Cottage Café really is a lovely traditional cottage; one that transports patrons to another time with its nostalgic, cozy décor and romantic views. Located in the beautiful park of the Square des Alpes, just on the banks of sparkling Lake Geneva, this café is a great place for a simple, well-brewed coffee or a long dining session with tapas.

7 Rue Adhémar-Fabri, Geneva, Switzerland, +41 22 731 60 16

Square des Alpes | © Dennis Jarvis/Flickr

Square des Alpes | © Dennis Jarvis/Flickr