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Top 10 Brunch Spots In Zürich's City Center, Switzerland

Top 10 Brunch Spots In Zürich's City Center, Switzerland

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Updated: 18 October 2016
Zürich is a true culinary gem offering diverse and tasty cuisine. It has range of incredibly tasty and extensive brunches. Take your pick from our list of the city’s top 10 brunches.


The stylish Bohemia has incorporated South American, Caribbean and Californian influences into its food resulting in an exciting balance of flavors. When it opened in 1999, the restaurant was one of the first to have its own coffee roasting facility and gained widespread reputation for its delicious breakfasts. While having undergone considerable transformations since then to include American-Brasserie influences, the quality of its brunches have lost none of their appeal. Next to homemade cakes and fresh ingredients, the light interior with its wooden accents contribute to a charming eating experience. The weekend brunch is renowned throughout the city and welcomes visitors until as late as 4pm.

Klosbachstr. 2, Zurich 8032, Switzerland, +41 44 383 70 60

Quai 61

The scenic restaurant was built on stilts and is directly located on the shores of Lake Zürich. Few places are more ideal for a laid-back breakfast. Whether you take a seat on the sun deck or in the garden, there are numerous cozy spots. The view across the lake and the surrounding mountains offers a magnificent panorama in which to enjoy Quai 61‘s quality cuisine. While offering different fish and salad dishes from the grill during the week, Sunday is reserved for brunch, which counts among the tastiest in the city. With breakfast being served until 2.30pm, visitors can ease their way into the start of the day while taking in the dazzling atmosphere.

Mythenquai 61, 8002 Zürich, Switzerland, +41 44 405 61 61

Kafischnaps Café Bar

Kafischnaps is one of the city’s hippest restaurants and popular with Zürich‘s young and fashionable crowd. The bar’s interior maintains a skillful balance between old-fashioned elements, such as an Art Noveau chandelier, and modern touches. The massive, black vitrine displays a variety of fresh cakes and drinks. The restaurant serves tasty breakfasts and brunches daily until 4pm with great combinations such as roasted veal with tomato-chili jam. The heft open-faced sandwiches are a particular speciality, as well as the famous Kafischnaps, made from quince grown in the backyard. A trip to Kafischnaps can quickly turn into a more extensive visit due to its charming and unpretentious atmosphere and staff.

Kornhausstrasse 57, 8037 Zürich, Switzerland, +41 43 538 81 16

Café des Amies

This delightful cafe is situated just around the corner from the Limmatplatz and offers savory breakfasts during the week and an outstanding brunch on the weekend. Opened in 2011 by a group of friends, the restaurant’s mellow atmosphere and comfortable interior give it a particular flair. The generous portions consist of seasonal and local ingredients, resulting in truly mouthwatering dishes. The bistro has earned a reputation for its quality brunches and continues to be a crowd pleaser. A charming spot for breakfast with a French flair within a cordial atmosphere.

Nordstrasse 88, 8037 Zürich, Switzerland, +41 43 536 93 81

Babu’s Bakery and Coffeehouse

For lovers of coffee, there is no way around Babu’s, which serves some of the most innovative and tasty coffee creations in the city. Next to freshly brewed delights, the coffeehouse offers a variety of fresh cakes, waffles and refreshing fruit juices. Breakfast has a special place in the restaurant with a selection of dishes ranging from crispy bacon to organic omelets. For late risers, Babus offers an all-day brunch on the weekend including table service, allowing visitors to enjoy a laid-back morning rather than endless queuing. The bakery has everything a good brunch needs to have and more.

Loewenstrasse 1, Zurich 8001, Switzerland, +44 212 87 45

Fork & Bottle

The bustling restaurant and beer garden is a popular spot with professionals as well as food lovers, and offers tasty, seasonal dishes with ingredients sourced from organic, regional producers. On a Sunday, visitors can indulge in a hearty brunch including a range of sweet and savory dishes, as well as numerous breakfast cocktails and beers. Fork & Bottle has a large outside area as well as a cozy interior which will charm you with its authentic and rustic flair. The friendly and chatty staff are more than happy to accommodate any wishes and are only one of the many reasons that make this place such a winner.

Allmendstrasse 20, 8002, Zurich, Switzerland, +44 201 18 17


The Hiltl restaurant is considered the first vegetarian restaurant in the world and has been in the Hiltl family for four generations. On Sundays and national holidays, it serves one of the best brunches in the city and visitors can enjoy the delightful treats until 2.30pm. The huge buffet features a range of vegetarian and vegan dishes from traditional eggs to Indian lentils. Alongside the breakfast, refreshing Prosecco, fruit juices and earthy coffees provide the perfect contribution to a healthy breakfast. The Hiltl’s elegant setting with its open architecture and elegant atmosphere as well as its innovative kitchen give it a special place in Zürich’s brunch scene.

Sihlstrasse 28, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland, +41 44 227 70 00

Maison Blunt

This Moroccan restaurant consists of a tea room decorated with cozy chairs and sofas and a restaurant. The highly recommended weekend brunch attracts a diverse crowd on the weekends. Next to delicious egg plates, visitors can indulge in fresh teas and coffees and numerous waffles and pancakes. Maison Blunt‘s numerous brunch options all feature oriental flairs and make it an intriguing place for a less conventional breakfast. In the summer months, visitors can indulge in the fresh dishes in the secluded garden, which almost takes you back to a more tropical scenery.

Gasometerstrasse 5, Zurich 8005, Switzerland, +41 43 2110033

Café Bubbles

With a reputation as one of the best and friendliest cafes in the city, Bubbles is a popular spot and serves a high-quality English breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. The menu features a variety of breakfast treats and the tasty omelets and bagels get the tick of approval. Whether you are looking for a meeting place with friends or to enjoy a cup of coffee over a newspaper, the friendly and relaxed atmosphere will make anyone feel right at home. The very British breakfast is a particular highlight, but Bubbles leaves nothing to be desired for all sorts of tastes.

Werdstr. 54, Zurich 8004, Switzerland, +44 240 31 31


Close to Zürich’s busy Langstrasse lies Forum, one of the most impressive urban restaurants in the city and the ideal spot for numerous occasions. The restaurant has been a popular destination for weekend brunches for several years and continues to delight through its tasty breakfasts. During the summer months the Forum opens its glass façade to create an airy and light atmosphere. The extensive brunch menu plus the quality preparation and ingredients result in truly excellent dishes. The stylish bar is a staple in Zürich’s brunch scene, as well as a great place to meet for evening drinks.

Badenerstrasse 120, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland, +41 43 243 88 88