Meet FaceHunter, the Photographer Capturing the World's Culture Through Local Fashion

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3 January 2018

Yvan Rodic, also known as FaceHunter, lives every photographer’s wildest dream: travelling to more than 50 countries a year, he documents the most eye-catching styles, creative scenes and urban cultures across the globe. The Swiss photographer has also published two popular books and hosted a web-TV series.

What is special or unique about your work?

I put a special focus on people and places that I would call ‘soulful’. I’m interested in telling the stories of inspiring people who live their life and create with a singular point of view.

FaceHunter in East Timor | Courtesy of FaceHunter

An important aspect of my work as well is to show – hopefully, beyond clichés – not-so-well-known places, as well as cities and countries that are not specifically known for their creative scene.

FaceHunter in Bahrain | Courtesy of FaceHunter

Which country was one of the most interesting to visit as FaceHunter and why?

South Africa, in particular Johannesburg, has got such a phenomenal creative scene – where so many people craft their contemporary take on ancestral cultures. And this is happening in music, art, fashion. It’s meaningful, fresh and unique.

FaceHunter in Johannesburg | Courtesy of FaceHunter

What drives you to go to all these different countries?

I’m fascinated by identities. I’m trying to understand – everyday, a little bit more – how people on different continents define themselves and balance local heritage and global culture.

FaceHunter in Kazakhstan | Courtesy of FaceHunter

Also how much it matters to stand out as opposed to belonging to a group. And I guess, I’m slightly addicted to learning about new ways of experiencing life.

FaceHunter in Milan | Courtesy of FaceHunter

Are you driven by any kind of mission or aim?

I’m passionate about breaking clichés and changing people’s perceptions of some regions of the world. I love the idea of inspiring others with what inspires me.

FaceHunter in Johannesburg | Courtesy of FaceHunter

Does fashion portray honest stories about culture?

For me, style is as honest as people can be. It is overall one of the most accurate social vocabularies for people, on purpose or not, to state who they are and what they want to be. You will encounter people who overdo it or under-do it and maybe say they don’t care about what they are wearing, but in all cases there is something to learn from their style narrative.

FaceHunter in Zambia | Courtesy of FaceHunter

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