Lavaux: The Best Wine Region You've Never Heard Of

Vineyard terraces, Lavaux wine region
Vineyard terraces, Lavaux wine region | © Mikadun/Shutterstock

Switzerland is famous for many things, such as its snowy peaks and top-notch skiing, its beautiful alpine lakes, and its picture-perfect villages and towns. When it comes to food, cheese and chocolate come immediately to mind: from gooey fondue to sweet Matterhorn-shaped candy bars, there is a lot to be enjoyed if you are a gourmand. Wine, however, is something Switzerland excels in producing but it is not typically famous for. Discover one of the most famous Swiss wine regions, located in the Lake Geneva region between Lausanne and the Montreux Riviera.

Swiss wine | © Courtesy of My Switzerland

The vineyards lining the Lavaux wine region are UNESCO-protected

Although generally mountainous, Switzerland also has many hilly regions, which are ideal for planting vineyards, with the area in the south-west especially, around Lake Geneva, the perfect climate for grapes to strive. Covering roughly 800 hectares, Lavaux is the largest contiguous vineyard area in the country, and its terraces have been protected by UNESCO since 2007. The product of these vineyards is equally protected – so much so, you won’t be able to taste the amazing wine produced in Lavaux elsewhere.

Vineyard | Courtesy of My Switzerland

The white wine produced here is still harvested by hand

The vineyards in Lavaux produce a grape called Chasselas, which yields a white wine that is crisp and easy to drink, perfect for even the hottest summer days. With no machinery and virtually no chemicals involved, the wine is only produced in small batches each year. Therefore, the small amount that is produced is too good to share outside the region. Tania Gfeller, the oenologist of Lausanne’s five wine-growing estates, says she hopes that ‘the wine production of all five of the city’s estates will be biodynamic in the future’.

Winemakers | Courtesy of My Switzerland

Wine from the Lavaux region can’t be purchased anywhere else

To taste wine from the Lavaux region, you’ll have to travel to the area – and this region is worth the journey both for its wine and its natural beauty. Overlooking Lake Geneva, the vineyards are dotted with century-old stone farmhouses and are considered to be some of the most scenic in the world. The area can be explored by taking a small train, but the best way to enjoy it is on foot: the Swiss Wine Route, stretching from St-Saphorin to Lutry up and down the vines, is a must-do, especially for those who love wine and nature. The trail is an easy walk with panoramic views, lined with small wineries and wine bars, which are perfect places to enjoy a glass or two of chilled Chasselas.

Lake Geneva | © Courtesy of My Switzerland

After tasting the wine, visit nearby Lausanne

Chasselas and the wine route are not the only reasons to visit this stunning area: nearby Lausanne is also a wonderful destination and an equally great place to enjoy the local wine. The city has also now been named one of the Great Wine Capitals Global Network. A lively and happening university town, Lausanne features many great places to eat, from easy-going bistros to fancy gourmet restaurants, as well as bars, lounges and clubs. From Lausanne, many Belle Epoque paddle steam boats sail the waters of Lake Geneva, offering an alternative way to admire the steep vineyards, all while sipping on a good glass of local Chasselas, of course.

La Jetée de la Compagnie | Courtesy of My Switzerland
Lausanne | Courtesy of My Switzerland

Beyond the vineyards: the Montreux Riviera

The Lavaux region stretches between Lausanne and the Montreux Riviera, and the latter is a wonderful place for a stroll. Artists, politicians, poets and musicians have loved and been inspired by the area, and the Rencontres & Inspiration route offers the chance to explore the Montreux Riviera while learning more about its illustrious guests: along the way you will find benches to enjoy the picturesque scenery, and at each one you can view anecdotes and exclusive multimedia content by downloading the Rencontres & Inspiration guide on your smartphone or tablet.

Montreux | Courtesy of My Switzerland

Looking for somewhere to stay on your visit?

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Planning a trip to Lavaux Wine Region? Make sure you check out Lausanne Tourisme and Montreux Riviera for helpful hints and tips.

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