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Basel's Marktplatz bustles during market hours | © xlibber/ Flickr
Basel's Marktplatz bustles during market hours | © xlibber/ Flickr
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6 Markets to Visit in Basel, Switzerland

Picture of Sean Mowbray
Updated: 9 August 2017
Discover 6 of the best and most interesting markets to visit in Basel, Switzerland, featuring stalls where you can pick up a great gift or souvenir and those where you can try out some fine local delicacies that’ll leave you wanting more.


The Stadtmarkt is where you’ll find Basel’s regional producers hawking their meats, fruits, vegetables and flowers for good prices. It’s a lively market which has been in action for many decades and is popular among the local people who pick up their week’s shopping there. The market takes place right in from of Basel’s historic town hall.

Where: Marktplatz, Basel

When: Tuesday to Thurday, 7am to 2pm, Friday and Saturday 7am to 6pm


The Stadtmarkt’s sister “gourmet” market takes place every Monday and is newly launched in 2017. It features an eclectic array of street-food vendors selling food that’ll get your taste buds going. Locally sourced produce is the mainstay here and there’s plenty of opportunity to sample traditional delicacies, and more inventive creations as well.

Where: Marktplatz, Basel

When: Mondays, 8.30am to 2pm

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