5 Inspiring Décor Ideas from Switzerland

© Albatrossie/ Pixabay
© Albatrossie/ Pixabay
Photo of Sean Mowbray
23 May 2017

Swiss chalets, tucked away on the slopes of the alps, are renowned for their warm, homely feel. Read our guide on décor ideas to tweak your home and turn it into a traditional chalet.

Deck your place out in wood

Swiss chalets are all about wood — walls, floor and furniture should follow this simple rule. Go for softwoods like pine or fir to add a little more warmth. Wood parquet flooring is often the most unique part of Swiss chalets, it’s easy to install and will add that homely, rustic touch to your room.

Public Domain Archive/ Pixabay

Install an open-fire

Nothing adds that cosy feel quite like the sound of crackling wood. A wood-burning fireplace or stove is the centrepiece of any traditional Swiss living room. If you want the real feel, arrange your sofa or furniture around the fireplace and make it the centre of attention.

© Dennis van Zuijlekom / Flickr

Pick up a wooden chest

Cupboards, wardrobes and shelves are all a feature of Swiss chalets, but so are antique wooden chests. They will come in handy to store your belongings, boots or even the logs for the fire.

© McKay Savage / Flickr

Add a floral bouquet

Your Swiss style chalet home won’t be complete without a bouquet of flowers or two. Save on the expense and get the real rustic look by using wild flowers, grouping them together with leaves and stalks to bring a bit of nature into your home.

© pixel2013 / Pixabay

Finish it off with a cuckoo-clock accessory

It’s one of the go-to Swiss souvenirs and adds a nice musical flourish to your chalet-style home. Splash out on the real deal and get yourself a Swiss hand-made cuckoo-clock depicting the classical style of the traditional Bernese chalets. Add a painted picture of the Alps to your wall, a cow-bell or classical Swiss pottery to your cupboard space as other finishing touches.

© Arieth/Pixabay

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