The Top Yoga Studios in Gothenburg

Photo courtesy of Pexels
Photo courtesy of Pexels
Whether you’re just starting your yoga journey or have been doing the downward-facing dog since time began, Gothenburg has some top yoga studios that suit a variety of tastes and needs. And while some specifically say they teach in English, this is Sweden so you’re likely to find an instructor who can guide you in English and possibly several other languages. And because Swedes are so healthy you can be sure of a great experience.

Bikram Yoga Gbg

Offering instruction in both Swedish and English, Bikram Yoga has classes for beginners, private classes, hot yoga, restorative Hatha yoga, Yin yoga and so much more. With qualified, experienced instructors from around the world and Sweden, Bikram has rightfully earned its spot as one of the best yoga studios in Gothenburg.

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Fysiken bills itself as having something for everyone and this is pretty much true. It’s a training facility with instruction in more or less any activity you can think of, but this wide range of classes and sports doesn’t mean they do everything ok and little well. The yoga instruction is excellent, with a large range of classes, and the nicest bit is that it’s own by Gothenburg’s five student unions – although open to all.

Skandinavisk Yoga och Meditation

Held in cooperation with Sweden’s national adult education school Medborgarskolan, Skandinavisk Yoga och Meditation keeps it simple, with some of Gothenburg‘s most experienced and well-educated teachers guiding you through classic yoga and tantric meditation. They’ve been at it for more than 40 years and if you’re looking for stress management, stable energy and inner peace this is the place for you.

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Studio Flow

Dedicated to both beginners and more experienced practitioners, Studio Flow also offers classes for children, as well as meditation and Pilates. A very soothing, calm atmosphere prevails – it’s perfect for those who want a bit more of a chilled out yet challenging experience.

Majorna Yoga Studio

This newly opened studio is located on the incredible southern Gothenburg archipelago island of Brännö. Knowledgeable and experienced teachers guide you through a complete yoga experience, gently correcting while making sure you are challenged. They call it meditation in motion.

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Sannegården Spa & Yogastudio

Sannegården is not just a yoga studio, it’s also a spa with a pool and beauty treatments – a one-stop-shop for all your relaxation needs. The courses are inspirational and the atmosphere is relaxed and modern.

Connect Yoga Studio

This personal studio focuses on yoga that heals and strengthens both your body and soul. Yoga classes are offered alongside personal training, treatments and therapies that are based on yoga’s ability to stimulate your inherent self-healing power, while developing physical and mental capacity. The methods are based on Medical Yoga IMY and Mind to Body, giving you the tools you need to improve your health and well-being.

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