The Top 10 Things To Do and See in Kungsholmen, Stockholm

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9 February 2017

Kungsholmen, one of the largest islands in Stockholm, has been quite successful in promoting tourism. The area was once used as an industrial district. However, due to the rapid increase in Stockholm’s population, it was transformed into a residential area. At present, housing and institutional buildings dominate the area. Of course, there are also lots of fascinating spots where you can have a look into Stockholm’s history and culture.


A park with a great view of the harbor

If you are looking for a picturesque venue for a relaxing afternoon, then Rålambshovsparken is surely the place for you. Rålambshovsparken is very popular among the locals and Swedes come here to do all sorts of outdoor activities, such as playing soccer and picnicing. The park gives you a fantastic view of the City Hall and Gamla Stan, which are the two of the most fascinating tourist destinations in the Swedish capital. There is also a bridge connecting the park and the Södermalm region, where you can have a relaxing walk and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Rålambshovsparken | © Let Ideas Compete/Flickr


Fashion store with live music and vintage fashion items

Kungsholmen is a great place for shopping lovers, and Grandpa is surely the perfect shop to introduce you to the area. There are numerous fashion items and a wide variety of styles that you can choose from. You can find possibly everything about fashion, including accessories, vintage designer products, clothes and shoes. What’s more exciting is that this fashion store often features live music and DJs, giving you a chic and modern atmosphere while you are making your fashion statement.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11am-7pm; Sat 11am-5pm; Sun 12pm-4pm

Fridhemsgatan 43,112 46 Stockholm, +46 86436081


Map View
Stockholm's landmark city hall building in Kungsholmen | Stockholm's landmark city hall building in Kungsholmen
Red brick architecture overlooking the harbor of Stockholm Stadhuset, the City Hall of Stockholm, is a spectacular piece of architecture standing tall in the eastern part of Kungsholmen. This breathtaking building was inaugurated in 1923, and was built using more than eight million red bricks, giving it a taste of the local churches and chapels. Apart from its use as an office building for locals, there is a hall tower where you can get a panoramic view of Stockholm’s harbor and the nearby islands. There are concert halls, where numerous of musical and international event are held, including the Nobel Prize banquet. Opening hours: 8.30am-4.30pm daily Hantverkargatan 1, 111 52 Stockholm, Sweden


Nostalgic café-bar with fabulous cocktails

If you are looking for a cozy and chic place for meetings and social gatherings, you must not miss Orangeriet. Orangeriet is situated in the heart of Kungsholmen and is ready to give you a memorable gathering with its artistic and nostalgic ambience. A vintage fireplace, oversized sofas, great cocktails and friendly hospitality are all essentials to bring you an impressive rendezvous. What’s more exciting is that the mixologist in the cocktail bar is experienced, and can always make you an imaginative and mind blowing cocktail for a relaxing evening.

Price: mid-range

Opening hours: Mon-Tue 4pm-11am; Wed-Fri 4pm-1am; Sat 11.30am-1am; Sun 11.30am-10pm

Norrmälarstrand Kajplats 464, 11220 Stockholm, +46 850524475

Riddar Huset

An elegant building to introduce noble history in Sweden

Situated in a royal and elegant building founded in the 1600s, Riddar Huset, which means the ‘Nobility House’, is a palace and an organization exclusively designed for nobles in Sweden, and its objective is to preserve Swedish history and heritage. The main sections of this exquisite building are the Great Hall, the Ante Room and the Reception Room. The sections are designed to facilitate your understanding of Sweden’s noble families, their history, and their contribution to the society.

Opening hours: 11am-12pm daily

Riddarhustorget 10, 111 28 Stockholm, Sweden, +46 87233990

Choco Chocolate

Chocolate experts

A big shout out to all Chocolate lovers. Choco Chocolate must be a heaven for you. Behind the counter of this little shop beside the City Hall is Alma, who is fascinated about chocolate craftsmanship. This shop runs chocolate courses and chocolate tasting programmes, which allow you get a glimpse of how chocolate is made and what kind of characteristics great chocolate has. There is a huge variety of chocolate in this petite shop, so make sure you check out every single one of them, and have a sweet and lovely day.

Opening hours: depends on your enrolment

Parmmatargatan 5, Stockholm, Stockholm 112 24, Sweden, +46 706575533


Sunbathing under the Nordic sun

Even though you are travelling to a Scandinavian nation up in the north of Europe, you can always enjoy the perfect sunshine with on a picturesque beach. That’s what you can find in Kungsholmen. Smedsuddsbadet is a nice and petite beach located right next to the Rålambshov Park. It is popular among the locals, especially those who are enthusiastic about swimming and sunbathing. The amenities for visitors are great, so if you are looking for a place to swim and chill out under the sun, this beach is surely the best in the region.

Smedsudden, Rålambshov, Stoccolma, Sweden


A challenge of patience and intelligence

Have you ever imagined you are stuck in a room and can’t get out? Now here’s a new kind of entertainment that brings you this kind of experience. All you need to get out of the room are your patience and intelligence. Questrooms operate various kind of real-life room escape programs for you and your friends to have a memorable and exciting day. Questrooms feature two main themes, Prison Break and the Haunted Photo Lab. You can book in advance to ensure that you get the best time slot.

Opening hours: depends on your booking

Sankt Eriksgatan 33A, Stockholm, +46 762002570

Stockholms Rådhus

The heart of Stockholm’s legal system

Located right next to Rådhuset metro station is Stockholms Rådhus, which is the centre of Stockholm’s legal system, the courthouse. Aside from getting to know more about the legal system of Sweden, the architecture and the outlook of the courthouse is also appealing. The building was designed with the influence of Romantic architectural styles and the style of castles in Vasa era. The dark yellow walls and orange rooftops make the building look vibrant with a Scandinavian touch.

Scheelegatan 7, 112 28 Stockholm, Sweden, +46 856165000


Sweden’s tariff and smuggling history

You must have passed through customs while you are travelling, but have you ever imagined there is a museum dedicated merely the introduction of customs? Tullmuseum, which is the Customs Office Museum in Kungsholmen, showcases how this is done, and you are going to be a customs expert after your visit. The customs museum presents the history of tariffs in Stockholm, smuggling in the past, and how customs checks are carried out today. There are also temporary exhibitions held from time to time, make sure you check them out in advance.

Opening hours: Tue-Wed and Sun 11am-4pm

Alströmergatan 39, 112 47 Stockholm, Sweden, +46 86530503

By Billy Lok Ming Poon