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Enjoy unique Malmö | ©Martin Höst / Flickr
Enjoy unique Malmö | ©Martin Höst / Flickr

The Most Unique Experiences You Can Have in Malmo, Sweden

Picture of Judi Lembke
Updated: 27 May 2017
Sweden’s third largest city has long been strong on innovation as well as cool, and this has translated into a very active and involved community that is continually offering up some of the most unique experiences around. Take the time to discover the Malmö that goes beyond the regular tourist attractions—you’ll fall in love with the city in a way you didn’t know possible.

Tiny Mouse World of Malmö

As you walk around the city be sure to look down—if you do so you might be lucky enough to spot one of Anonymouse’s installations for rodents, whom they think need more shops and other places of entertainments. The most recent popup mouse shop was an amusement park, complete with rides, games, and popcorn. More incredibly detailed installations are expected and you never know where they’re crop up.



Mouse Tivoli in Malmö
Mouse Tivoli in Malmö | ©PROMaria Eklind / Flickr

Gallery Night

Come autumn it will be 20 years since Malmö launched its annual Gallery Night, which sees the city’s thriving gallery scene throw open its doors to the public. The spotlight is on