The Most Stunning Mosques in Sweden

© Nemir Chaudhry/WikiCommons
© Nemir Chaudhry/WikiCommons
Photo of Judi Lembke
23 December 2017

As Sweden’s population becomes increasingly diverse, more and more mosques are being built. Some of them are truly stunning to observe from an aesthetic point of view, while others hold your interest because they are more serviceable and offer spaces for worship in sometimes more humble settings – which makes them stunning, too, albeit in their own right.

Mahmood Moskén, Malmö

Th building was completed in 2016 and this mosque serves the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Malmö. It is one of the most ambitious mosques ever built in Sweden.

Mahmood Moskén | © Fateh Shams/WikiCommons

Nasir Moské, Gothenburg

This is the first mosque ever built in Sweden, and when it opened in 1976 it quickly became not just a religious centre but a centre for study, festivals, and many other events for the community.

Nasir mosque | ©Udo Schröter/Flickr

Fittja Moské

It took nearly a decade to complete this Turkish-style mosque just south of Stockholm, but for the 1500-strong community, it was worth it. Featuring a 32.5 metres high minaret, which is said to be the tallest in Europe, the mosque opened in 2007 and serves the thriving Turkish Muslim community.

Fittja moske | ©Holger.Ellgaard/WikiCommons

Stockholm Moské

After many years of of discussion about where a Stockholm mosque should be located, the old electric power station Katarina Station was chosen, partly because the listed building, designed by famed Swedish architect Ferdinand Boberg, boasted Moorish Islamic architecture influences in the original design.

Crescent of the Stockholm mosque on the right | ©Ragnar Jensen/Flickr

Malmö Moské

The second oldest mosque in Sweden, the Malmö Mosque was inaugurated in 1984, although planning started as early as the 1960s. The mosque has sustained several attacks over the years, and serves not just the Muslim community in Malmö but also the wider region of Skåne and even Copenhagen.

Malmö mosque | © jorchr/WikiCommons

Uppsala Moské

Small but very popular, the Uppsala Mosque was named one of the most northern mosques in world, although Saint Petersburg quickly set that rumour straight. It’s one of two mosques in Uppsala, but the only one to offer Friday prayers.

Uppsala mosque | @Mattias Hallberg/Flickr

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