The Coolest Streets in Malmö, Sweden

Malmö's streets offer something for everyone | Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Malmö's streets offer something for everyone | Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Malmö boasts some of the coolest streets in Sweden; with everything from high-end shopping to quaint cobblestoned walkways to streets that reflect the city’s tough industrial roots. That said, many of the coolest ‘streets’ are really squares or paths that snake through gorgeous parks. Here are some of the best places to wander and fill your senses as you go.


It’s the main shopping street in Malmö’s Gamla Staden, making it something of a fashion parade for people of all ages. It’s pedestrianised and offers everything from high street favourites to vintage, as well as some great bars and restaurants where you can take a break before hitting the shops once again.

Södergatan's permanent orchestra / Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Stora Nygatan

Another of Malmö’s thriving shopping streets, Stora Nygatan is less high street and more boutique and art. Designer gear is definitely on show but so are local handicrafts, as well as some of Malmö’s best cafés and restaurants. It’s also visually stunning, with buildings boasting grand facades and plenty of cobble stones. Festivals often line this street in the warmer months, inviting the city dwellers to come out and throw themselves into the party.

Stora Nygatan brims with life / Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons


While not quite a street (it’s actually a square) this is the heart of culturally diverse Malmö, bursting with life and a fantastic mix of people from myriad backgrounds. If Middle Eastern food is your thing, this is the place where you’ll find everything; from falafel sold by street vendors to high-end authentic restaurants. Great little shops and a thriving food market in the middle of the square make Möllevångstorget one of the coolest spots in Malmö.

Möllevångstorget is the heart of diverse Malmö ©Anders Lejczak / Flickr


Lush and green Malmöhusvägen is perfect for a relaxed stroll as you head to some of the city’s finest museums, including Malmöhus Castle. If you start where it begins on the edge of Gamla Staden you’ll pass towering trees, wide open parks and skip over small bridges. There are charming little cafés here and there, and of course the mightily impressive Malmöhus Castle about half-way along.

Malmöhusvägen leads to the city's finest museums / Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Sofiagatan / Rasmusgatan

At this corner in Malmö’s Seved neighbourhood you’ll find what is locally known as Graffiti House. While awaiting renovations, the owner of the building was approached and pitched the idea of reflecting the local graffiti culture; allowing local street artists to put their mark on the exterior. The owner liked it so much it’s said he’s considering repeating this with other buildings soon to undergo facelifts

Graffiti is embraced in Malmö ©Maria Eklind / Flickr

Jöns Filsgatan

Oozing charm and one of the best places to find local art in Malmö, Jöns Filsgatan is a chance to see another side of the city – the one that embraces culture is a big, big way. You can feel the influence of Denmark on this street and although the odd car will drive down it’s more or less pedestrianised, it’s perfect for a laid back wander.

Jöns Filsgatan is quirky and filled with art galleries / Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

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