The Best Wellness Retreats in Sweden

Photo courtesy of Yasuragi Hasseludden
Photo courtesy of Yasuragi Hasseludden
Photo of Judi Lembke
16 September 2017

Sweden is a country of nature lovers, which may start to explain why so many spa and wellness retreats are located here. The countryside in particular is home to many retreats, although that doesn’t mean the cities are lacking in places to get away and recharge your batteries. The list is long so we’ve narrowed down the best wellness treats from across the country.

Sanctuary Retreat

If remote and back to basics is what you’re looking for look no further than Sanctuary Retreat, where your cell coverage is limited and a beautiful nature reserve in Skåne in Southern Sweden is your new home, if only for a period of time. The retreat is a favourite among creative types, who marvel at the unspoiled nature and incredibly peaceful environment. Organic is the by-word in the kitchen and café, and if the weather isn’t cooperating outside gather in the library or study for some quiet reflection, or meet with one of the professionals onsite, who will guide you to a more peaceful existence.

Enjoy the astounding natural beauty of Skåne at the Sanctuary Retreat | ©Susanne Nilsson / Flickr

Rödjorna Retreat

This Zen retreat is on a mission to contribute to the understanding that humans and nature belong to one another. The three Zen retreats on offer, in Rödjorna in the heart of Sweden, aim to show you this connection through Zen meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and a wonderfully natural setting.

Wild Wood Sweden

Just outside of Stockholm, in the royal gardens of Frösundavik in the northern end of the fabulous Hagaparken, is a retreat that is perfect for those who want to stay in the city but take some time to regroup. The founders of Wild Wood are on something of a mission to bring personal development to Stockholm so the retreat, in cooperation with partners, offers a place to grow and elevate both mind and body.

Wild Wood is located on the northern edge of Stockholm's beautiful Hagaparken / Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Mii Gullo Spa

Located in Fjällnäs, close to the Norwegian border, Mii Gullo Spa is nestled in the wilderness, far, far removed from the stresses of everyday life. Despite that it’s just three hours from the closest airport and the journey there is sure to start your winding down process. The area likes to say there are eight seasons, with each one offering its own delights, so visiting this spa at any time of the year is a treat. In addition to being in the middle of that magnificent scenery, there is also a full complement of treatments and activities, as well as an excellent hotel and restaurant.

Yasuragi Hasselbacken

Exclusive yet welcoming, and a peacefulness just a few minutes from the pulse of Stockholm, Yasuragi is a Japanese wellness centre tucked away in Saltsjöbaden, the seaside suburb south of the city. With spa treatments, ritual Japanese baths, a sauna ritual, and sauna yoga just the start of what’s on offer, this incredible oasis is where you go to release your daily stressors in style.

Japanese oasis just outside of Stockholm / Photo courtesy of Yasuragi Hasseludden

Aurora Retreat

Depending on your definition of wellness, Aurora Retreat either fits the bill or doesn’t. What we mean to say is that this is a more rugged retreat, one where you find peace through rather rigorous outdoor activity and rustic surroundings in the far north of Sweden. There is downtime, of course, but this is where mindfulness and wellness are found through interacting with nature, even down to sleeping in a beautifully basic camp. And the name of this retreat? Yes, you can really marvel at nature through seeing the Northern Lights.

Enjoy the Northern Lights on a retreat in Swedish Lapland | ©Ludovic Lubeigt / Flickr


The Shantiland retreat centre offers yoga retreats and a variety of courses that focus on personal development, wellbeing, and health. The goal is to rejuvenate, energise, and grow in the beautiful environs of Hälsingland, about 350 km north of Stockholm. The centre says it believes in harmony and constructive development – on both micro and macro level – starting with finding peace within oneself.

Loka Brunn

People from around the world have been flocking to Loka Brunn to drink the spring waters for hundreds of years, and since 2007 Loka Brunn has been owned by the Spendrup family, who carry on the tradition of life-giving energy at this retreat in luxurious surroundings. At the Water Salon you can bathe in hot springs, and enjoy a spa treatment and a sauna. It’s all very civilised.

Luxuriate at Loka Brunn / Photo courtesy of Loka Brunn

Use this handy map to find the Best Wellness Retreats in Sweden:

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