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The Best Scandinavian Restaurants In Stockholm
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The Best Scandinavian Restaurants In Stockholm

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Updated: 9 February 2017
In Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, it is not difficult to find great, authentic Scandinavian cuisine and it can be hard to know where to start. Here we bring you the top local restaurants that you must try when you are traveling to the Swedish capital.
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Oaxen Krog & Slip

Situated along the coast on Djurgarden, Oaxen Krog & Slip are two restaurants in the same building. Slip is a Swedish bistro and Krog serves Swedish Michelin star fine dining cuisine. They insist on local sourcing and prioritize the concept of sustainability, with most of the herbal ingredients originating from Nordic regions and vegetables from Djurgården. With a boatyard interior design and the great food, it is ready to light up your day.

Oaxen Krog & Slip, Beckholmsvägen 26, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 551 531 05

Food served in Oaxen Krog © Robert Young/Flickr
Food served in Oaxen Krog | © Robert Young/Flickr
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Situated in the hearts of both Gamla Stan and Vasastan, Tradition is more than just two conveniently located restaurants. The two restaurants serve different menus, and the dishes are prepared based on what the chefs think are currently popular dishes in their own districts. The interior decoration is consistent with simplicity and minimalism. If you want to taste authentic handmade Nordic dishes, this restaurant is the one to try.

Tulegatan 10, +46 868429525 (Vasastan)

Österlånggatan 1, +46 8203525 (Gamla stan)

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Dan Gyldene Freden

Dan Gyldene Freden literally means ‘the golden peace’, and as its name suggests this restaurant refers itself to the Peace of Nystad, signed by Sweden and Russia, that ended the Great Northern War in 1721. This restaurant is one the best restaurants to get a glimpse of classic Swedish flavors. They serve both regular and seasonal menus, and the classic meatballs is a must try dish. A perfectly made meatball with all the traditional accoutrements: cream sauce, lingonberries, cucumbers and potato purée.

Österlånggatan 51, 111 31 Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8249760

Swedish meatballs © David Kosmos Smith/Flickr
Swedish meatballs | © David Kosmos Smith/Flickr
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Fusion dishes within European countries are quite common, however Nook’s menu is a rarer, Asian-inspired one with modern Swedish influences. They offer tasty and well balanced dishes prepared using fresh ingredients. This restaurant is inspired by both street food and fine dining cuisine. The ambience is well produced where the motley flooring is combined with Windsor chairs and oversized lamps.

Åsögatan 176 Stockholm, +46087021222

The Royal Opera House © malouette/Flickr
The Royal Opera House | © malouette/Flickr
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Situated on the ground floor of the Royal Opera House, Brasserie’s venue is characterized by a classic, sleek interpretation of elegance and royal interior design, with interlocking intricate pillars and decorated ceilings. This exquisite setting matches with the mind blowing food options. Brasseriet serves a menu consisting of dishes with Swedish and global ingredients and influences.

Strömgatan 14, the Royal Opera, Stockholm, +46 87914357