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The Best Restaurants In Djurgården, Stockholm
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The Best Restaurants In Djurgården, Stockholm

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Djurgården, an elegant island that attracts many tourists from around the globe, as it is known for the amusement park Gröna Lund and the open air museum Skansen. After all the sightseeing and exciting rides, it is always great to treat yourself a big meal. Here we help you explore some of the best restaurants on the island.
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Blå Porten

Djurgården is a popular destination among tourists, as there are wonderful landscapes and elegant parks. The elegance continues in Blå Porten, one of the cosiest cafés you will find on this island. Sitting in a bohemian garden on classic wooden chairs and using trees as shade, this café gives you a dining experience with the nature and the Nordic sun. Highlights of the menu include the pastries and Mediterranean influenced main courses.

Djurgårdsvägen 64, 115 21 Stockholm, +46 8 663 875 9

Djurgården © Carl/Flickr
Djurgården | © Carl/Flickr
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Oaxen Krog & Slip

On the coast of Djurgården, Oaxen Krog & Slip are a fine dining restaurant and a Swedish bistro respectively. The cuisine served in the restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star. Local ingredients and herbs are used to promote sustainable food culture. The restaurant serves traditional Swedish cuisine with a modern twist, with lamb fillet and reindeer dishes as their signature dishes and the most popular dining options.

Oaxen Krog & Slip, Beckholmsvägen 26, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 551 531 05

Food served in Oaxen Krog & Slip © angelo k./Flickr
Food served in Oaxen Krog & Slip | © angelo k./Flickr

Rosendals Garden Café

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Rosendals Garden Café

Rosendals Garden Café is the best example of homemade cuisine. From ingredients to food preparation, the cuisine served in this elegant restaurant is completely homemade. True to its name, Rosendals Garden Café is a garden, producing seasonal vegetables and fruits for meal preparation. This restaurant also houses a bakery, where fresh pastries are made and baked everyday. The outdoor seating area is impressive, and the Victorian landscape truly makes you feel like a noble.

Rosendalsterassen 12 Stockholm, +46 8 545 812 70

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If you fancy a cosy meal in a shipyard themed restaurant, then Skroten, which is formerly a marine store, won’t let you down. Wooden furniture and walls are used to furnish the restaurant, giving you a glimpse of Scandinavian interior design centuries ago. It provides all sorts of Swedish dishes, including the most popular cinnamon rolls, lingonberry desserts and cakes.

Beck Holmvägen 14, Stockholm, +46 07 038 08 080

Cinnamon roll © Ly. H./Flickr
Cinnamon roll | © Ly. H./Flickr
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Ulla Winbladh

Inspired by a 18th century ballad troubadour Bellman, Ulla Winbladh is continuing the traditions of Sweden from the past to present. Located in the centre of Djurgården, this restaurant offers a classy and exquisite dining environment for guest. The restaurant serves authentic and traditional Swedish cuisine, with meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberry being their most popular dish. The restaurant is located in an inn, which gives you a cosy and homely environment to have a relaxing meal.

Rosendalsvägen 8, 115 21 Stockholm, +46 08 534 89 701