The Best Markets in Gothenburg, Sweden

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Updated: 5 June 2017
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The debate about which of Sweden’s three biggest cities has the best food will rage on for many years to come, but while Malmö and Stockholm have gotten a lot of attention in the past few years, Gothenburg is quietly staking its claim, not least of which with some of the best markets in Sweden. There may not be a lot of them, but the ones that there are offer up the best produce and protein from the region, and their fishing past gives them something of an edge. Here’s our guide to the best markets in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Built in the late 1800s, Saluhallen is a visually stunning and upscale indoor market that is home to a lot of speciality shops, including butchers, bakers and yes, even candlestick makers. This is where you go to find wild boar and reindeer, as well as more unusual produce. That said, everyday items are also available. You’ll find Swedish blueberries and new potatoes here, and they always seem that little bit better and shinier than those bought anywhere else.

Gothenburg’s Saluhallen

Fish Church

This purpose-built ‘church’ was designed to look like a Gothic church in order to attract attention back in the late 1800s. The building itself is striking, but what’s inside is even better: fish, fish, and then fish, plus some restaurants and a bit of fruit and cheese. It’s said to have the best selection of fish and seafood in the country, which isn’t surprising, given Gothenburg’s fishing history. Of special note is the melt-in-your-mouth smoked salmon.

Gothenburg’s Fish Church

Lindholmen Street Food Market

This market invites chefs from restaurants in the Gothenburg area to whip up their finest, and also offers food trucks, local breweries, coffee purveyors and plenty more. The chefs change weekly and it’s a fantastic chance to taste-test all that the Gothenburg food scene has to offer, such a sourdough pizza, Italian arancini and local Gothenburg specialities. It’s not open for long – 15 July through 12 August – but it’s well worth checking out. It takes place in Gothenburg’s very cool Science Park.

Lindholmen Street Food Market at Gothenburg’s Science Park

Bondens Egen Marknad

The Farmer’s Own Market is held on three consecutive Saturdays in June and again in October, and offers up the finest produce, including bread, honey, cheese, meat, sea urchins, jam, and pretty much anything else local farmers produce. The farmers themselves work the stands, so you can chat about the origins of their wares. The fact the market is held in the charming Haga neighbourhood means that there are plenty of shops and cafés to explore once you’ve finished your shopping.

Fresh veg at Farmers Own Market

Kville Saluhall

Not quite as glamorous as its cousin, Saluhallen, this new two-storey hall is located in the heart of Hisingen, Sweden’s fifth-largest island and a part of Gothenburg’s wider land area. Everything you’d expect to find at a food market is here: meat, fish, cheese and international delicacies, along with fresh produce, flowers, and some of that famed Swedish coffee. There are also two great restaurants, The Grill and Ceviche.

Fish fresh from the sea

Use this handy map to find the best markets in Gothenburg, Sweden:

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