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The Best Burgers In Stockholm, Sweden
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The Best Burgers In Stockholm, Sweden

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Updated: 8 October 2016
In the heart of the Nordic nations Sweden and its capital, Stockholm, offer a wide selection of international cuisines. Burgers are among the most popular choices in the Swedish capital and in Stockholm, burgers are not merely an oily fast food but a great companion for a relaxing evening. Here we explore Sweeden’s most impressive burger places.
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Flippin’ Burgers

Flippin’ Burgers offers a wide selection of burgers including a vegetarian option. What makes this restaurant particularly special is that they only work with small meat producers who graze their animals outdoor. The restaurant offers a good range of beers to compliment your meal.

Observatoriegatan 8, 113 29 Stockholm, Sweden, +46 086-540-300

Interior of Flippin’ Burgers © Andreas Lvarsson/Flickr
Interior of Flippin’ Burgers | © Andreas Lvarsson/Flickr
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Pubologi is a small restaurant with a menu designed around Nordic ingredients. The grilled burger is a great combination of sophisticated cooking techniques and fresh ingredients. It’s a good idea to book in advance.

Stora Nygatan 20, 111 27, Stockholm,+46 8506400865

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Bistro and Grill Ruby

Bistro Ruby and Grill Ruby are two restaurants that are located next door to one another, in the historic region of Gamla Stan. The Bistro side of Bistro and Grill Ruby features a great variety of char grilled burgers and is the perfect venue for a quiet dinner. As for Grill Ruby next door, it is more crowded and ideal for a group dinner

Österlånggatan 14, 111 31 Stockholm, Sweden, +46 082-060-15

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Marie Laveau

Based in Södermalm, Marie Laveau is a bistro with an American influence. This award-winning restaurant is a combination of a cafe, a cocktail bar and a nightclub. The cafe serves an impressive cheeseburger, which is often considered as one of the best in Stockholm.

Hornsgatan 66, 118 21 Stockholm, +46 086-688-500

Interior of Marie Laveau © Andreas Ivarsson
Interior of Marie Laveau | © Andreas Ivarsson
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Bistro Bon

Bistro Bon is an award-winning French bistro. With a grassy carpet in the outdoor seating area, Bistro Bon is a great place to relax and enjoy the Nordic sun. Try the gruyergratinerad wagyu burger featuring crispy bacon and cheese, together with juicy wagyu beef.

Renstiernas gata, 116 31 Stockholm, Sweden, +46 086-401-919

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Lily’s Burger

Founded by Swedish actors Joel Kinnaman and Mahmut Suvakci, Lily’s Burger is a contemporary venue. The menu is inspired by many American classic burgers, and uses the freshest ingredients. The ‘Burger of the Week’ is a great option for those who are looking for new tastes.

Hornsbergs Strand 47, 112 16 Stockholm, Sweden, +46 086-569-006

Burgers in Stockholm © Flavio Ensiki/Flickr
Burgers in Stockholm | © Flavio Ensiki/Flickr
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Phil’s Burger

Phil’s Burger serves good quality fast food. The decor is simplistic and minimal and the menu is concise, consisting of a classic, double, meat only and vegetarian option.

Fleminggatan 49, 112 32 Stockholm, +46 086-521-550