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The Best Brunch Spots In the Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

The Best Brunch Spots In the Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

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Updated: 14 November 2016
The Stockholm Archipelago is the second largest archipelago in the Baltic Sea. Each of the islands is unique, with beautiful natural landscapes. Locals love to go on excursions here, in order to experience the culture and local cuisine, which combines traditional and contemporary gastronomy. Here we help you explore some of the best brunch spots in the Stockholm Archipelago.

Bockholmen Hav & Restaurang

Bockholmen Hav & Restaurang is situated on Bergshamra Island, a remote location where you get an impressive view of the idyllic waterside. The restaurant’s exterior resembles the royal castles of the 17th century, which were used as summer houses by nobility. This establishment is a perfect option for a tranquil brunch, and offers the extraordinary Swedish smorgasbord on the weekend. Asides from the smorgasbord, they offer more than 50 types of dishes.


Bockholmsvägen 1 170 78 Solna Sweden, +46 86242200

Siggesta Gård AB

Situated in Värmdö, Siggesta Gård AB serves homemade refreshments, and the menu features Moroccan, American and Mexican fare. They serve a buffet brunch with fresh salad and grilled meat on the weekend. Don’t forget to try the ethically sourced hamburger.


Siggesta FARM AB 139 90 Värmdö, +46 08 56280100

S/S Stockholm

S/S Stockholm is a sightseeing steamboat and restaurant that offers a three hour brunch buffet. Their brunch is one of the best in Stockholm, carefully prepared by two talented chefs, Maria Svensson and Jesper Taube. They only use fresh ingredients delivered in the morning and cooked on the boat. A wide variety of traditional Swedish food is provided in the buffet, from smoked and cured salmon and roast beef to salad, desserts and breads.

Strandvägen, Berth no 16, Stockholm, +46 812004042

Fjäderholmarnas Krog

Located on the island of Fjäderholmarna, which is 25 minutes away from Stockholm’s city center, Fjäderholmarnas Krog boasts an elegant interior, minimal decoration and natural landscapes. The restaurant serves delicacies using traditional techniques and ingredients. Kungskrabba, which is king crab with aioli, toast and lemon, is a must-try for those who want to have a luxurious dining experience.


Stora Fjäderholmen, 100 05 Stockholm, Sweden, +46 87183355

Birgittas Bageri

Located on Nacka Island, Birgittas Bageri is located next to the water, so you can have an amazing view of the nearby sea while enjoying your brunch. The food is beautifully prepared and inspired by Scandinavian and French cuisine. Whilst it may seem like a simple option – try the bread here, it’s made by hand.

Augustendalsvägen 16 131 27 Nacka Strand, +46 086012095