The 10 Most Instagrammable Spots in Stockholm

People standing under the cherry trees in Kungsträdgården in spring
People standing under the cherry trees in Kungsträdgården in spring | © Susanne Nilsson / Flickr
Do you want to take perfect shots of Stockholm that capture the city at its most quirky, elegant or iconic? If you head out to some of its best Instagrammable spots, you’re bound to catch some perfect angles for your coolest shots while at the same time experiencing some of the finest cultural experiences Stockholm has to offer.

Narrow things down at Mårten Trotzigs Gränd

The old town’s – and indeed, Stockholm’s – narrowest street has a dramatic staircase that just lends itself perfectly to selfies and street photographs between the perilously tight, graffiti-covered walls. And if that’s not enough, continue up the stairs to Prästgatan, possibly the old town’s most picturesque street and another great Instagrammable spot.

Let the years drift away at Kafé Valand

Utterly unchanged since it was designed in the 1950s, this gorgeous oak-paneled café still serves just four types of coffee – filter, with or without milk and sugar. And the fabulous streamlined shelves, the neon signs, the red lampshades and the Picasso reproductions on the walls make it an amazing retro place for quiet studying, interviewing a trendy writer or shooting perfect vintage fashion spreads.

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Go all classical at Ekotemplet

Right in the middle of the public park at royal Haga, mere metres away from where the crown princess of Sweden lives, this little temple folly might be one of the world’s most gorgeous places to hold an elegant wedding ceremony without paying a single krona. But of course, it’s perfectly Instagrammable without a happy couple, with a great oval shape and open walls that allows all the seasons to blow through.

The floating statues at Millesgården

The home and garden of sculptor Carl Milles on Lidingö island, with an amazing view of Stockholm from the east, is crammed with the artist’s trademark flying statues. These fabulously Instagrammable Art Noveau pieces float, bounce and dance playfully on high plinths across the sky, surrounded by solidly grounded ponds and gardens that really bring out their gravity-defying leaps.

The gritty engineered charm of Brunkebergstunneln

This slightly surreal, bright-yellow walking tunnel is not just a convenient shortcut below the hilliest bits of central Stockholm or one of the costliest engineering failures of the 19th century, but also easily one of the best selfie spots in Stockholm. Dozens of album covers and music videos have been shot in this space, which boasts a great vanishing point, good lighting and a fabulous polished metal ceiling.

Stockholm City Hall, the palace by the water

When a flour mill fire in 1878 opened up a fantastic plot of land facing the old town across Riddarfjärden bay, the city decided to build a new city hall to replace the ageing 17th-century administrative building at Slussen. The result is a striking architectural masterpiece inspired by the Doge’s Palace in Venice, a symbol of Stockholm and a kick-ass place to take fabulous shots of deep red Helsingborg brick and bright-blue lake water.

Play the 8-bit game at Thorildsplan Metro Station

The Stockholm metro is sometimes known as the world’s longest art exhibition and with good reason. All the stations are covered in art, from the amazing and often-photographed cave stations along the blue and red lines to individual sculptures and mosaics even at the farthest reaches of the suburbs. This relatively recent addition goes all pixel art on us and may be the most playful Instagram spot in town.

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Climb the steepest streets at Mariaberget

Stretching from oddly shaped cobblestone streets to the perfect picnic spot at the cliffs at Skinnarviksberget in the east, a walk along the ridge that forms the north-western part of Södermalm island is a must for any photographer. Don’t miss Monteliusvägen, a 500-metre path above the water that many claim offers the very best views of Stockholm anywhere.

The austere beauty of Skogskyrkogården Cemetery

One of only two UNESCO world heritage sites in Stockholm, Skogskyrkogården (The Forest Cemetery) is one of the great architectural sites of the 20th century and a pilgrimage site for architecture students and fans from all over the world. And its dramatic landscape architecture, courtesy of the brilliant Sigurd Lewerentz, also makes it a perfect place to take a brooding, meditative snap.

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Catch those brief cherry blossoms at Kungsträdgården

It’s only there for a few, fleeting weeks in the spring, but one spot in Stockholm truly reigns supreme in the Instagram game – the space under the bubblegum-pink cherry trees at the northern end of Kungsträdgården park in central Stockholm. The place that launched a thousand profile pictures, this is the perfect spot to capture both the beauty of nature and the milling city life.

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