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The 10 Best Places For Brunch In Stockholm, Sweden
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The 10 Best Places For Brunch In Stockholm, Sweden

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Amidst Stockholm’s grand, old palaces and streets trendy and chic restaurants can be found. The Swedish eat healthily, paying great attention to the freshness of their foods. Brunch is often a long-lasting and hearty affair, popular among the locals. Use our guide to find the best brunch dishes at some of Stockholm’s coolest breakfast spots.
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Oaxen Slip

Right on the Swedish waterfront is Oaxen Slip, part of the Oaxen Krog & Slip restaurant, the bistro-sister to the more upmarket, Michelin-starred Oaxen Krog. The Oaxen Slip has a stunning terrace right by the canal, with nautical details and delicious gourmet food. They serve modern Nordic fare, with delicious seafood such as smoked cod and cured salmon. Seasonal vegetarian dishes are also offered alongside their meat selection. Sit back, relax in their comfortable ambience. Be sure to reserve a table, as it’s very popular among the locals.

Beckholmsvägen 26, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 551 531 05

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S/S Stockholm

There’s nothing quite like the novelty of having brunch on a classic ship whilst touring the archipelago. The S/S Stockholm sails for three hours, setting off at noon on Saturday’s and Sunday’s for brunch. The menu takes the form of a vast buffet: international classic dishes such as croissants alongside Swedish favourites such as herrings and salmon. They have large, relaxing lounges, a grand dining room, as well as a deck where you can enjoy the amazing views.

Kajplats 16, Strandvägen 8, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 120 040 00

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Sitting atop a hill with views over Gamla Stan and the beautiful island of Djurgården, this romantic pavilion-themed restaurant, Fåfängen offers you a perfect getaway from urban Stockholm. On Saturdays and Sundays it offers a gluten-free brunch with a large selection of items such as Eggs Benedict, paella, smoked salmon, and other healthy options. Ingredients are mostly locally sourced, and everything is freshly made. Seafood season runs from September to October.

Klockstapelsbacken 3, Stockholm, Sweden,+46 8 642 99 00

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Nybrogatan 38

Located in the trendy, fashionable area of Östermalm, Nybrogatan 38 is a favourite of the city’s youth. A cozy restaurant with charming decor and picturesque seating both inside and outside, it has a reputation for being aesthetic and quirky. The brunch is renowned, with several popular items on offer as well as some unusual delicacies. Expect dishes along the lines of Egg Royal, lobster club sandwiches, and their interesting bookmaker toast.

Nybrogatan 38, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 662 33 22

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Green Rabbit

Started by the celebrity chef Mathias Dahlgren, this simple little bakery aims to bring rye bread back into the Swedish culinary focus. It’s a small bakery in Norrmalm, and is devoid of any of frills instead showcasing the best of rye bread, and offers a tempting selection of sandwiches to help you explore its unique taste. There are several classic sandwiches, but also some unusual ones: including one with blue cheese, apples and walnuts. If you’d like to eat at the bakery, there’s a small seating space available.

111 40, Tegnérgatan 17, Stockholm, Sweden +46 8 20 46 26

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Siggesta Gård

This charming little farm in Stockholm offers a hearty brunch cooked by the culinary wonder Alexander Nilsson. Housed in a comfortable, roomy barn, it offers healthy, farm-grown food. From large chunks of melons to freshly-baked bread, there’s everything you could desire for a hearty and filling brunch. There’s also a special buffet for children, including pancakes with jam and whipped cream. It’s the perfect family-friendly outing in a rustic setting.

139 90 Värmdö, Sweden, +46 8 562 801 20

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Hotel Rival

With a famously decadent spread, Hotel Rival’s brunch is truly unrivalled in Stockholm. There’s a vast selection of breads, fruits, cold meats, and an extensive set of dessert treats. The hotel itself is a stunningly decorated, avant-garde boutique hotel with dramatic lighting and a cool, hip ambience. The hark back to the hotel’s initial opening as a cinema in 1937, and create the same cinematic atmosphere.

Mariatorget 3, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 545 789 00

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Broms Karlaplan

The charming bistro of Broms lies in Stockholm’s Karlaplan district. A local favourite, Broms includes several international influences in its menu. Their particular specialty is unusual combinations, think mango and avocado in salads and tuna tacos. There’s also a selection of oyster dishes for 45 kroner each. Stop by for a delicious brunch and enjoy their unique spread.

Karlavägen 76, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 26 37 10

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Offering a small, tasteful brunch in Stockholm’s archipelago is the lovely Bockholmen restaurant, well known for its exquisite preparations. There’s a focus on salads which include the likes of beetroot, marinated artichokes and Mediterranean vegetables, and also a focus on cheeses. Although it’s small and select, it’s a popular restaurant and Sundays are particularly busy, so be sure to make a reservation.

Bockholmsvägen 1, Solna, Sweden,+46 8 624 22 00

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Arizona is one of Stockholm’s few Mexican restaurants, and aims to provide the spiciest and tastiest food in the city. This it delivers with a bang. Their brunch, however, has more of a Swedish traditional style, including chorizo, Caesar salad, and marmalade.

Karlbergsvägen 70, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8 32 27 37