The 10 Best Bars In Östermalm, Stockholm

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9 February 2017

Stockholm houses many impressive bars and clubs that are ready to provide you with an unforgettable evening. While chatting with friends, a glass of wine or beer seems inevitable. If you are looking for a place to drink and hang out in the Swedish capital, The Culture Trip has profiled the best bars in Stockholm. Here, we focus on Östermalm, a posh central district that has the highest number of clubs in the city.

Bistro Jarl

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The district of Östermalm
The district of Östermalm | © Jephilip/Flickr
The owner of Bistro Jarl, Per Nordlind, wanted to take French bistro culture to the Swedish capital in the 1980s, and this bistro has risen in popularity since then. The guests are welcomed by a giant wall mirror at the entrance, which adds an extravagant touch to the bar’s interior design. Apart from the classic cocktails, you will also find other creative cocktails which are exclusive to this bar.


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The Story Hotel in Stockholm's posh east side. | © Story Hotel
STORY Bar is situated in the Story Hotel Riddargatan AB, and prides itself as being ‘a bar with a soul’. This description is absolutely true, as the owners have successfully decorated the bar with nostalgic decorations and minimalist wall designs. Guests can choose to sit indoors or in the backyard, which is an outdoor seating area with a homey feeling. DJs are often invited to set the mood for an amazing evening. It is a perfect place for you to enjoy a cocktail and unwind.


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Riche | © Mikael Moreira/Flickr
Founded in 1893, Riche is one of the oldest restaurants in Stockholm. The interior design of the restaurant and bar resembles Parisian architecture. With big mirrors and chandeliers, the bar has successfully created a luxurious and regal ambiance for its guests. Apart from the French cuisine that Riche serves, the wine selection in the bar is also impressive. The bar has its own wine cellars and offers wines that can’t be found anywhere else.

Bar 101 and the Terrace Bar

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Situated in the Scandic Hotel Anglais, Bar 101 and Terrace Bar are elegant yet modern bars which are very popular among the locals for their happy hours. What’s special about these bars is that their roof terrace is open during summer months. The Terrace Bar is located on the seventh floor of the hotel, and gives you a breathtaking view of the park Humlegarden. With a glass of champagne, you can relax and forget about daily stress.


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Entrance of Sturecompagniet
Entrance of Sturecompagniet | © Michell Zappa/Flickr
Situated on the fringes of Östermalm, Sturecompagniet is the biggest and the oldest bar in Stockholm. With a distinctively high ceiling and the use of different lighting patterns, the bar has successfully built up a chic and urban atmosphere. Music is of course provided and carefully selected to give you the energetic vibe needed for the night. This bar serves beers and cocktails, which will put you in the mood to strut your stuff on the dance floor.

Cocktailbaren Hotel Diplomat

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Located in the Hotel Diplomat, Cocktailbaren Hotel Diplomat is a regal and elegant cocktail bar. The interior is luxurious, with wooden wall decorations and furniture that are well complemented with the use of navy blue as the theme color. Apart from the traditional cocktails, the bar also creates their own cocktails by using fresh ingredients and sophisticated mixing techniques. This bar is perfect for those preferring a quiet environment to have a nice chat with friends or loved ones.

Hell’s Kitchen

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Hell's Kitchen
Hell's Kitchen | © Touho T/Flickr
If you are looking for a night out in a trendy setting, then Hell’s Kitchen provides the right atmosphere for you. Hell’s Kitchen lights up your night with colorful lighting systems, giving you a cosmopolitan and urban environment. Bands and DJs are there to give you the beats and the music needed for an amazing evening. The unique design used in the bar has attracted many local and international tourists, and has the place set to become Stockholm’s biggest entertainment hub.


Inside the Hotellet is a bar and nightclub, that can easily be classed as the entertainment hub of the area. The bar uses modernism as the theme of its design, and you can sit close to the fireplace and enjoy a cocktail. A nightclub is situated just downstairs, and, if you are in the mood to dance, you can join the crowd there. The cocktails are impressive both in the bar and the nightclub, so make sure you give them a try.
Linnégatan 18 11447 Stockholm, +46 8 44 28 900


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With more than a century of experience, Sturehof, located in the South Östermalm’s central area, is a busy meeting place for locals. Many of the items on the menu have been listed for several decades. The bar has an impressive variety of wines, and also tap beers that originate from Sweden. This is an ideal place for those looking for a historic place to chill out and relax with a glass of premium wine.

Brasserie Godot

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If you’re looking for fine dining and French bar culture, visit Brasserie Godot. There is a French fine dining restaurant in Brasserie Godot, which offers a regal atmosphere in which you can enjoy authentic French delicacies. If you want to hang out with friends after trying some of the French cuisine, it makes perfect sense to go to their bar afterwards. The bar has an amazing variety of drinks, in particular, those made from fresh fruits and berries.