TED Talks From Sweden to Inspire Entrepreneurs

Legendary TED speaker Hans Rosling / Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Legendary TED speaker Hans Rosling / Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Sweden is an incredibly entrepreneurial country and some of the best and the brightest have given legendary TED Talks and TEDx Talks that have both inspired and uplifted entrepreneurs and others. Here are a few that will light your fire.

Hans Rosling

When Hans Rosling died in February 2017, it wasn’t just Swedes who felt the blow. Rosling was a legend on the TED circuit, using his unique storytelling style to make complex subjects simple. Watch one of his talks and the next thing you know hours have passed, you’ve gone down the rabbit hole, and you have a new understanding of the world. Simply one of the greatest minds Sweden has ever produced and he’s the 9th most watched TED speaker of all time.

Lisa Ekström

The founder of Swedish company Kamoja, Ekström talks about borrowing ideas and making them your own. That’s right, she’s talking about stealing and how stealing can put you on the path to success.

Aron Andersson

A four-time survivor of cancer, Andersson has not let his struggles hold him back. One of Sweden’s leading Paralympians and adventurers, he inspires listeners to follow their dreams, no matter what the obstacles, no matter how hard it seems.

Julia Kalthoff

When she became the CEO of a 135-year-old company at the age of 20, Kalthoff was thrown into the deep end. She discovered bold leadership combined with respect is key to running a successful business. Oh, and there are axes.

Samuel Ericsson

From punk kid to successful businessman, Samuel Ericsson took his hobby and turned it into a global business. He explains how self-reflection and understanding that real change is possible can change your life. An inspiration for anyone who has struggled while finding themselves walking down the wrong path in life.

Christoffer Sundberg

Loneliness drove him to entrepreneurship and curiosity pushed him further; Sandberg focuses on how practical experience can be more valuable than university when it comes to business. His journey has been rife with pitfalls but each time he stumbled he learned a bit more – and he’s only 23.

David JP Phillips

Death by Power Point: it’s a horrible way to die and one many of us may feel is an eventuality. Phillips believes we’ve all fallen into a vicious trap, where every PPP looks the same and one is as boring as the last.

Niklas Modig

What does ‘Lean In’ really mean when it comes to business? It’s a great catchphrase that most people really don’t comprehend. Modig takes you through what it means in business and how it can help industry and business people.

Niklas Modig

Mr. Modig again, this time talking about efficiency. Do we really understand what efficiency is and why do we believe focusing on the individual is the best way to increase it? This talk will change the way you look at being efficient.