Why Swedish Joggers Are Picking up Litter

The latest craze from Sweden | © Maria Eklind / Flickr
The latest craze from Sweden | © Maria Eklind / Flickr
Photo of Judi Lembke
6 February 2018

Leave it to fitness mad, nature-loving Swedes to create a fitness trend that is good for the body and the world around them. Plogging, a hybrid of plocka (picking) and jogging, is the latest exercise craze in Sweden.

Stockholm is a fairly clean city, but there is still trash to pick up | ©Marco Verch / Flickr

Unlike some of the more ridiculous crazes (we’re looking at you, planking) this one involves joggers picking up litter along their running route, which is about as positive as you can get in terms of giving back to both yourself and the world around you.

Recycling any trash you pick up would be ideal | ©Simon Paulin/imagebank.sweden.se

To take part, all you need is a pair of running shoes and a trash bag, and maybe some gloves you don’t mind getting all mucky. Then you hit the road, and when you see trash along the way, you just grab it and stuff it in your trash bag, and dispose of it when you finish your jog.

Spot some trash? Grab it and dispose of it | ©Jerker Andersson/imagebank.sweden.se

With Sweden so into recycling – the country recycles 99% of all trash – it’s recommended you also recycle any trash you pick up, but if that’s not possible, just making the environment around you a bit nicer, and bit cleaner, a bit more friendly, is good enough.

And the good news? You can do this while hiking, biking or even stand-up paddle boarding; the trend is spreading, and as it makes everyone feel good in both body and soul, we’re hoping this one catches on like wildfire and never dies.

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