Sweden Travel Agency Will Hire You If You're a 'Professional Slacker'

Laziest job on the planet | Photo courtesy of Pxhere
Laziest job on the planet | Photo courtesy of Pxhere
Photo of Judi Lembke
19 January 2018

You might have thought the term ‘slacker’ went out of style in the ’90s but it seems professional slackers are still in demand – well, at least one travel agency in Sweden. This agency has put a call for four professional slackers to sit around and do… nothing.

According to Travel and Leisure, Swedish travel agency TUI, one of the world’s biggest travel agencies, has posted a real job listing that begins: Have you ever fallen asleep at work? Do you like being on vacation? Do you like money?

If sleeping on the job is your specialty apply now | ©hiroo yamagata / Flickr

If you’re able to answer yes to all three (and really, who can’t?) you might be one of four lucky people who will get paid to sit around in summery clothing and do absolutely nothing other than listen to music, read a book, nap, or even gaze off into space with a blank stare on your face. It’s really up to you, because all TUI wants is a “slowpoke who takes great pride in doing as little as possible at any cost and possesses an enviable capability of daydreaming”.

Lazy days... dream away | ©mark sebastian / Wikipedia Commons

This is a fixed-term position that requires you to have no interest in interacting with others, and while having zero ability to multitask is considered beneficial, it’s not a requirement. Oh, and falling asleep at your desk is a merit. Finding joy in sitting or lying down, not being able to think outside the box, feeling uncomfortable with words like ‘productivity’ or ‘deadlines’ are also qualities that are highly prized.

You need no education (they prefer it if you slept through school) for the position and your responsibilities are stated to be ‘none’. In fact, the ad clearly states that your duties will not vary – all you’ll be doing is chilling.

Stop being lazy and apply! | ©Jason Ernst / Flickr

So if you’ve got two weeks to spare, apply to be a ‘Fakeation Specialist’. The position is based in the heart of Stockholm, where you’ll share a nine square metre office with a fellow slacker for six hour shifts between January 22 and February 4. The most important part of the role is the ability to ignore everyone and focus on yourself.

Forget productivity | ©Postmodemgrrrl / Wikipedia Commons

How do you apply? Certainly not by sending in a CV or covering letter. You simply submit a few sentences about yourself and why you’re qualified to be lazy, along with a photo or video of yourself relaxing in the midst of a stressful environment. Do it before the January 14 and you might have a shot – if you’re not too lazy to get off your butt and meet those very minimal requirements.

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