Rodents Are Welcome at This Swedish Amusement Park

Bring your rodent to this Amusement Park |© Maria Eklind / Flickr
Bring your rodent to this Amusement Park |© Maria Eklind / Flickr
Photo of Judi Lembke
28 April 2017

Malmö already staked its claim to being Sweden’s most cutting-edge city and now they’re taking it a step further: a new amusement park for rodents has opened in the city and it’s already grabbing headlines.

Anonymouse keeps us guessing | ©Maria Eklind / Flickr

This past December a tiny mouse-sized world appeared on a busy Malmö street and this past weekend, the rodent universe was expanded to include an incredibly detailed amusement—or amousement—park.

According to AnonyMouse, the creator behind the project, Tjoffsans Tivoli, is named after a beloved character in a book by Sweden‘s world-renowned Astrid Lindgren—and it is “now welcoming visitors of all ages.”

The Tivoli is quite the ankle biter | ©Maria Eklind / Flickr

The amusement park has the same incredible attention to detail as the earlier installation, which included a restaurant and shop. The park has a cat ride, the Jaws of Horror, that is sure to scare the whiskers off any rodent, as well as Madame Raclette the Fortune Teller, tiny portable toilets, and a minuscule popcorn stand, and even a game stall called Lucky Cheese.

Locals flocked to Södra Förstadsgatan to see the latest in this unusual art installation, causing AnonyMouse to post on Instagram, “The opening of the Amousement park was met with some excitement by slightly larger visitors than expected. We apologize for the lack of personnel at certain hours, the management are working on a solution. Thank you for your interest and Cheese out!”

The crowds were huge on opening day! | ©Maria Eklind / Flickr

AnonyMouse tells The Local Sweden that the diminutive mouse city will continue to expand, but they won’t say what’s next, just as they didn’t when the original installation appeared in December. No matter what they’ve got up their sleeve, it will surely keep the world…amoused.

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