Embrace Nature at the Treehotel in Sweden

Photo of Ben Kempton
8 April 2020

Treehotel is a luxury collection of seven completely unique boutique rooms held aloft in the alpine treeline of Northern Sweden.

The company’s aim is to “take you away from the stresses and demands of everyday life”, and it certainly does that.

The Cabin room at Treehotel sits right up in the treeline | © Culture Trip

Here you are suddenly surrounded by stunning Swedish nature and – if you’re lucky – you might eve look up to spot the breathtaking Northern Lights.

The rooms

Each treehouse is designed in its own brilliant way. There is the Mirrorcube which, as the name suggests, is a cube-shaped cabin sitting high among the trees with mirror walls reflecting the pine forest surroundings.

The cluster of sticks is known as the Bird’s Nest, designed specifically to blend in with its surroundings. Once you’ve climbed the ladder up to the room, no one can see in. “A room for introspection rather than extroversion”, the website claims – and it’s not wrong.

Another of the rooms, The Cabin, is a slick Scandanavian-style shed and undoubtedly the most romantic of them all. The room overlooks Lule River Valley, with a long bridge leading to the entrance.

Treehotel’s real showstopper – and the most popular family room, for obvious reasons – is the UFO. Shaped like a flying saucer, this room transports you to another planet with a starry ceiling and specially designed interior. Even the entrance is sci-fi-inspired, with an electric ladder.

The Dragonfly is the second-largest room and provides some of the most spectacular views of the valley with its wide panoramic windows, while those after a more traditional room should opt for the Blue Cone, which is a fairly simple wooden structure. Last but not least is the newest addition: the 7th Room. This is the highest room of them all and has a section of mesh flooring so you can see all the way down through the trees. Suffice to say, it’s not for the faint hearted.

All details can be found on the hotel’s website.

How to get there

The hotel provides taxi transfers from Luleå airport (the drive takes around an hour) – but the easiest way to get there is by train. The closest station is Boden C and is 35 minutes from the hotel.

Of course, if you’re getting in the luxury boutique spirit, you could book a helicopter transfer to the hotel from Luleå airport. There is the option of a three-, four- and six-passenger transfer with prices varying from 16,500 SEK to 25,300 SEK (£1,328 to £2,036).

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