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10 Best Restaurants In Malmö, Sweden
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10 Best Restaurants In Malmö, Sweden

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Malmö’s dining scene can certainly rival that of Stockholm. It offers a rich variety of venues, from trendy spots for the hip crowd to luxurious, top-end restaurants. Discover the best places to eat out in Malmö with our guide to the city’s 10 best restaurants.
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The trendy yet homely feel of Bastard quickly made it one of the restaurants in Malmö attracting the biggest food-loving crowds. The open-view kitchen, located right in the middle of the dimly lit dining room, offers honest, classic European fare. There’s a special affection for meat, as one should expect of a restaurant whose logo features a juicy pig. Meals start with the house’s Bastardplanka, a selection of cold cuts served on Bastard’s signature wood plate with a knife stuck into it. For other courses, chef Andreas Dahlberg likes to creatively use succulent off-cuts. This keeps the restaurant in an affordable price range while still providing tasty, innovative options for the hungry customers.

Mäster Johansgatan 11, Malmö, Sweden, +46 40 12 13 18

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Daniel Berlin

Daniel Berlin is in Skane-Tranas, a small village about an hour’s drive from Malmö. But those looking for an extraordinary dining experience should not be discouraged by the distance as Daniel Berlin will not disappoint. A family-run business, chef Daniel and his parents welcome their customers upon arrival. They then spoil them from the very start with champagne and appetizers in their charming garden even before dinner begins. The set menu comprises a rich range of beautifully presented dishes. Mostly, these are prepared with the fresh veggies picked from the restaurant’s garden, or the Nordic sea produce fished from the not-too-distant sea. Daniel Berlin’s combination of refined cuisine, familiar service and location in the depths of southern Sweden creates a truly authentic dining experience.

Skåne Tranås, Diligensvägen 21, 273 92 Tomelilla, Sweden, +46 417 203 00

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Malmö Opera Grill

Music lovers in Malmö should spend at least one evening at Malmö Opera, the city’s stronghold for music theatre. It is the best opera house in southern Sweden where the most famous international operas as well as contemporary dramas are performed. Nestled in the heart of this institution is Malmö Opera Grill, the opera house’s restaurant. It’s quite the convenient choice for a pre-show dinner or for a few drinks after. The atmosphere is elegant and classy, and the view of the large square outside the opera house can be enjoyed through the restaurant’s large front windows. Customers can choose their favorites from the buffet or take an individual table. Both options promise to deliver the classics of Swedish cuisine.

Östra Rönneholmsvägen 20, Malmö, Sweden, +46 40 20 84 37

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Saltimporten Canteen

At Saltimporten Canteen, everything is stripped down to the bare essentials. The no-frills venue features long, simple wood benches and tables, and the kitchen presents one set menu, plus a vegetarian option. But far from being a weakness, simplicity is Saltimporten Canteen’s winning point. This is the place to go for a tranquil lunch, and to taste interesting and unexpected dishes. These are frequently transformed or replaced altogether, and prepared with fresh produce from local suppliers. The delicious bread and light beer that accompany the food are also worthy of note. Saltimporten Canteen is found at the far end of Malmö’s port, a striking location from which memorable panoramic views of the city can be enjoyed.

Grimsbygatan 24, Malmö, Sweden, +46 70 651 84 26

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Salt & Brygga

Malmö’s Salt & Brygga does a great job at combining an eco-friendly spirit with Mediterranean-inspired cuisine without sacrificing taste. The restaurant has received several awards for its policy of strictly using biological, organic ingredients, sourced from local suppliers to reduce the local carbon footprint. Endangered animal species on WWF’s red list such as eel or prawns are altogether banned from the menu. Even the materials used throughout the restaurant are fully recyclable. In addition to all this, Salt & Brygga has a beautiful location, as it is situated meters away from the sea, in the city’s new neighborhood of Västra Hamnen. Moreover, the Turning Torso, Malmö’s iconic skyscraper, is visible right behind the red brick building in which the restaurant is housed.

Sundspromenaden 7, Malmö, Sweden, +46 40 611 59 40

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For top-class dining in Malmö, food lovers should look no further than Arstiderna. Conveniently located in the city’s center, this refined, luxurious restaurant competes with the most prestigious restaurants around the world, both in terms of ambiance and food quality. The venue exudes understated elegance in every detail, from the curtains to the tableware and the beautiful carpets. The dining rooms, set under ancient stonewall vaults, are particularly awe-inspiring. International cuisine inspires Arstiderna’s menu. Entrees include Fine de Claire oysters and salt-griddled duck liver with tarte tatin of apples. For the main courses, customers can choose from delectable dishes such as the restaurant’s classic sole a la Walewska or the licorice and raspberry-glazed venison. A must for those who can afford the splurge.

Frans Suellsgatan 3, Malmö, Sweden, +46 40 23 09 10

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Bloom in the Park

Visiting Malmö’s Bloom in the Park is a surprise every time. The talented chefs Titti Qvarnström and André Schink have embraced a no-menu philosophy, which consists in deciding on new dishes daily, based on the available ingredients and their here-and-now mood. The kitchen’s overall approach, however, leans towards an experimental and unpredictable deconstruction of classic French cuisine. The venue is characterized by a modern, sleek interpretation of elegant interior design. The interlocking white panels that cover the wall stand out as the most unique feature: an original setting that matches the eclectic food. Bloom in the Park also offers a take-away service and a tearoom to enjoy a relaxing break during the day.

Pildammsvägen 17, Malmö, Sweden, +46 40 793 63

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Bullen is a historical pub and restaurant in Malmö, designed in the glorious tradition of English and Irish pubs. At Bullen, the simple but honest and delicious preparations – both meat and fish-based – are at the heart of Sweden’s typical cuisine offered. For instance, visitors can have köttbullar, the legendary, succulent Swedish meatballs, usually served with gravy and boiled potatoes. Of course, a rich array of wines and beers is available for customers to go with (or without) the food. The atmosphere is extremely convivial and a joy to be part of, with live music often played during night shows.

Storgatan 35, Malmö, Sweden, +46 40 12 12 41

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Brothers Mats and Ebbe Vollmers were born into a family with a long culinary history, and continue the tradition with a classy restaurant that carries their last name. The pair create delicacies that incorporate the fundamental ingredients of Swedish and Scandinavian gastronomy, updating the local cuisine with a modern twist in both taste and technique. The four, six or eight-course menus offered to customers present inviting options such as hake with kohirabi (a variety of cabbage), lemon sole with radish and lumpfish roe, and veal with cress and parsley root. A refined and intimate atmosphere, together with helpful and attentive service complete this little gem in the heart of Malmö.

Tegelgårdsgatan 5, Malmö, Sweden, +46 40 57 97 50

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Mello Yello

Bar and restaurant Mello Yello provides an unpretentious and affordable alternative to have something to eat and drink in the very center of Malmö, and more precisely in Lilla Torg, a lovely, buzzing cobblestone square. The menu offers tasty and international appetizers such as nachos, spring rolls and bruschetta. Meanwhile, the main courses include a variety of local and expertly cooked meat and fish dishes, served with potatoes, beans or veggie salads, in the best of Swedish tradition. Mello Yello’s delicious burgers also rise above average. For eight months a year, Mello Yello’s customers have the option to eat outdoors and enjoy the view on the bustling square.

Lilla Torg 1, Malmö, Sweden, +46 40 30 45 25