8 Apps You Should Download Before Visiting Sweden

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Stockholm Hub Writer13 September 2018

When traveling to a new country, it’s a good idea to download a few apps to make your life a bit easier. Downloading these apps will help you navigate Sweden better.


‘Kan du prata engelska?’ It comes as no surprise that Sweden produces some of the best English-as-a-second language speakers in the world. However, it is always nice and appreciated to speak the native language when visiting a new country. Duolingo is one of the best apps to use when wanting to learn the language and basic phrases, like ordering coffee or asking if someone speaks English.

Google Translate

This app goes hand-in-hand with Duolingo. Google Translate can be a great tool when wanting to understand something in a language that you don’t know. Is there a sign that you must read that is only in Swedish? Google Translate will be able to help you out by either you typing out the phrase or utilizing the camera off the app so it will directly translate on your screen. Yes, it’s true, technology is amazing.


If you’re planning on traveling to multiple cities on your visit to Sweden, downloading the SJ app will be a huge lifesaver for you. SJ is the major fast-train system that connects almost all of the cities and towns around Sweden, as well as the rest of Scandinavia, together. By utilizing SJ, you can get to Copenhagen and Oslo, to Abisko and Gothenburg, and everything in between! The app is super convenient, easy to use and sends you updates in case your train is running late.

Use the SJ app when taking the train across Sweden, Norway, Copenhagen- and beyond! | © Johan Wessman / Flickr


Staying in Sweden for a while? Then you need to download the SL app to help navigate the massive transportation system in Stockholm. If you are staying in the middle of the city, you can definitely walk, but sometimes a place is just a tad too far. Therefore, taking the subway or bus can be a huge time-saver for you! The app also lets you know approximately how long it will take to get from place to place, which is super convenient when trying to time everything out perfectly. You can purchase your ticket on the app. Otherwise, you can always buy a physical MetroCard to take with you, depending on how long your stay is.


There’s nothing worse than trying to figure out airport information in a completely different country. Thankfully, Swedavia has got your back. Swedavia has all of the information for all of the airports that are in Sweden in a single app. It shows arrivals, departures, lets you pre-book your parking and the like. It’s a super convenient app to use, especially if you intend to fly between the different Swedish airports.

Using the Swedavia App helps when navigating departures, arrivals, and the purchasing of airfare. | © Joongi Kim / Flickr


Needing advice on where to stay, what to see, and where to go? Thankfully, there’s Triposo, which can help with almost all of your traveling needs. From this app, you are able to book a hotel, see where a variety of restaurants and bars are, as well as being able to see what activities and sightseeing experiences are around in the city that you’re staying in. The best part though is that the app works offline, so you are able to use it without WiFi.


In Gothenburg, SL doesn’t exist and instead, you have Västtrafik. It works very much the same way by letting you know which tram or bus to take, how to walk there, how long it will take, etc. It’s super helpful when trying to plan your trip from one side of the city to the other and you can buy your tickets directly from the app as well.

XE Currency Converter

Since Sweden uses the kronor, you will need to figure out what the exchange rate or currency converter is when you’re planning on purchasing goods or services from your home card. XE Currency Converter has live-market rates to be sure that the conversion is as accurate as possible and it’s easy to use so you are able to see how much you’re paying right when it happens. In terms of US dollars, it tends to fluctuate by cents every few months or so, and it is currently listed at $1:9.09 sek.

Trying to figure out the conversion rate between currencies can be difficult, but use the XE Currency Conversion app to help. | © Tony Webster / Flickr

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