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Stockholm is truly beautiful in the winter | © Falco Ermert / Flickr
Stockholm is truly beautiful in the winter | © Falco Ermert / Flickr
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11 Magical Spots in Stockholm That Are Perfect For Winter

Picture of Jozef Brodala
Updated: 11 December 2017
Winter in Stockholm can be both amazing and tough, as it is simultaneously beautiful and bleak. If you are the kind of person that wants to avoid the cold and find pleasant spots indoors during winter, then Stockholm has you covered. If, on the other hand, you want to embrace the cold, experience the chill and have an interesting adventure during the Swedish winter then the city has some great places to check out. Here are some spots to experience Stockholm’s winter magic.
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During summer Vasaparken is one of the top spots for sunseekers, sports players, and runners, especially since it is perfectly located in the center of the city. During winter it houses one of Stockholm’s best outdoor ice rinks with conveniently long opening hours (8 a.m.-9 p.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m.-9 p.m. on weekends), and is in operation from November right up to March. When the park is lit up it’s a beautiful place to skate and because the ice is made mechanically, the surface is usually smoother and more reliable than a natural one.

Vasaparken, Dalagatan 11C, Stockholm

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Cafe Koppen’s Cellar

When the wind is blowing outside and snow is falling, sometimes all you want is a warm, cozy, and calm place to enjoy a sweet treat and a warm drink. In Stockholm’s old town, Gamla Stan, the beautiful central square Stora Torget is home to a cafe called Cafe Koppen, whose candlelit downstairs seating area is one of Stockholm’s most mysig (cozy) places. Stepping down the stairs feels like going back in time. They serve a range of hot drinks and food, including sandwiches, lasagna, and baked potatoes.

Kaffekoppen, Stortorget 20, Stockholm, +46 820 31 70

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Bio Rio

Winter in Sweden can, at times, be a little tough for the soul. If you are working during the day you might barely see the sun, as it’s yet to rise when you set off for work and then set by the time your day is done. A lot of Stockholmers then look for a pick me up, something to lighten the mood and inject some joy into their days. Bio Rio is a beautiful Art Deco cinema in Hornstull that shows a fantastic selection of films in the winter. As soon as you step into their huge screening room, you will be transported away from wintry Scandinavia and into an imaginative and alternative world. They also have a brilliant bistro and bar so you can while a whole evening away there.

Bio Rio, Hornstulls strand 3, Stockholm, +46 8669 95 00

One of Stockholm’s wonderful soup restaurants

There is nothing better as a winter warmer than a delicious and hearty bowl of soup. Stockholm’s range of places to get soup is absolutely vast, with many Stockholmers engaged in an ongoing quest for the perfect bowl. Fish soup is, of course, particularly good—with the offerings at Kajsas Fisk being a particular standout and a real favorite of Stockholmers. If you are looking for something other than fish, then Sibiriens Soppkok is excellent and has all manner of different soups, ranging from pea to beef to veggie.

Kajsas Fisk, Hötorgshallen 3, Stockholm, +46 820 72 62

Sibiriens Soppkok, Roslagsgatan 25, Stockholm, +46 815 00 14