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Stockholm has many gluten-free items, like these pancakes | © Randall Chancellor / Flickr
Stockholm has many gluten-free items, like these pancakes | © Randall Chancellor / Flickr
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10 Top Gluten-Free Restaurants in Stockholm

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Updated: 2 February 2018
Having a food intolerance can make travelling and eating out tougher than one might think. You often need to do research before you get to a restaurant to avoid having to awkwardly walk out when you realise there’s nothing to eat. Luckily for coeliacs, Stockholm is an excellent city when it comes to gluten-free places. Here are ten of the best.
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Under Kastanjen

Stockholm has a good mix of restaurants that are totally gluten-free and ones that work hard to provide gluten-free alternatives to their many regular options. Under Kastanjen takes a unique approach. The bakery, based in the Old Town of Gamla Stan, has two different sections, one of which is totally gluten-free. In essence, they have two bakeries in one. They also have a lunch and an evening bistro which both serve a range of exciting dishes, most of which can be made gluten-free.

Under Kastanjen, Kindstugatan 1, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 821 50 04.

Giro Pizzeria

Pizzaria, Italian, $$$
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Giro Pizzeria

One of the biggest issues for people who cannot have gluten is the inability to get good pizza, with many of the best places often failing to provide alternatives. Giro is one of the best Neapolitan style pizzerias in Stockholm and they can make any pizza gluten-free. They have a huge range of different toppings as well as an excellent wine list making it the perfect place for a romantic meal. It is right by Hotorget subway station so is very easy to find.

Giro Pizzeria, Sveavagen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8440 67 67.

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Organic Green

Situated next to Observatorielunden park, Organic Green is the ideal place if you are looking for great vegetarian gluten-free food. The cafe has a fully organic and gluten-free menu that changes every day and is displayed on their Facebook page before their lunch opens at 11.

Organic Green, Drottninggatan 120A, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8508 285 08.

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Lao Wai

Just round the corner from Organic Green is this fully vegetarian Chinese restaurant which produces some of the city’s best Chinese food. The restaurant is small and cosy which matches the food which feels and tastes homemade, as if the menu was designed by someone’s grandmother. They have a huge range of dishes and can make many of them gluten-free, giving you a lot of options to choose from and food that is of very high quality.

Lao Wai, Luntmakargatan 74, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8673 78 00.

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This place is for meat lovers and the idea is that each three-course meal is made with three different types of meat prepared in a way that will bring out the flavours in all of them. They do have a vegetarian menu, however, the care and attention they put into their meat dishes is what makes the place stand out. They can ensure that all their dishes are gluten free making it great for coeliacs. There is even something called ‘the walking dinner’ where you eat at three different restaurants including Djuret. Djuret is part of a collective of places all providing excellent food but in different styles making the walking dinner a special experience.

Djuret, Lilla Nygatan 5, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8506 400 84.

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Movitz is a cosy pub in Gamla Stan that also has a great restaurant. Their menu features some Swedish classics as well as pasta, superb fish and great meatballs. They also have a kids’ menu in case you have any young diners coming with you. They are happy to make any of their sauces and dishes gluten free but if you have a specific meal in mind they really appreciate you writing to them a few days before to let them know. It is a great location with quality food.

Movitz, Tyska brinken 34, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 820 99 79

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A very common complaint about fast food chains is their failure to provide gluten-free options. McDonald’s for example still do not provide gluten-free buns in the UK or the US as well as many other markets. Max is Sweden’s answer to the big burger chains with hundreds of locations across the country and the ability to have gluten-free buns at nearly all of them. Even better is that there is a gluten free option you can select on one of their self-service machines, so if you need to run in and order quickly you won’t need to spend time explaining you need gluten-free bread.

Max Burger, Vasagatan 7, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8506 120 70

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Phil’s Burger

If you are looking for a sit-down burger restaurant, as opposed to a fast food place like Max, then Phil’s is a fantastic option with six locations in Stockholm all of which can make any burger for you with a gluten-free bun. All the burgers are of excellent quality and they have a different special burger every month that is always fun and creative. For January, it was toppings of truffle mayonnaise, Emmental cheese, fried onion and pickles. A great option for burger lovers.

Phil’s Burger, Birger Jarlsgatan 34, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8408 840 60.

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Crispy Pizza Bistro

Another fantastic place to have pizza, especially for vegan coeliacs. In addition to most of their pizzas being gluten free, they can also be made with vegan cheese. They also do takeaways so if you are looking for a place to grab and go then it is ideal. It is also very close to Observatorielunden park so in summer you can pick up a pizza and then eat it in the park.

Crispy Pizza Bistro, Upplandsgatan 45, Stockholm, Sweden, +46 8601 26 66.

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Stockholmers are famous for their love of brunch and Swedes in general are big lovers of a good buffet. These two things combine at Fafangan who do a superb brunch buffet which is chock full of gluten-free items for people to enjoy. Its location, on the island of Sodermalm right by the water, means you can enjoy beautiful views of the sea while you enjoy your food. They have a lovely outdoor terrace that is ideal for summertime outdoor eating.

Fafangan, Klockstapelsbacken 3, 116 41 Stockholm, +46 8642 99 00.