Malmö has a thriving art gallery scene | © Sigfrid Lundberg/Flickr
Malmö has a thriving art gallery scene | © Sigfrid Lundberg/Flickr
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10 of Malmö's Best Art Galleries

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Updated: 6 May 2017
Malmö, like the rest of Sweden, loves art and this is reflected in the number of great art galleries in the city. Contemporary art and handicrafts dominate the scene, with plenty of experimentation and lots of up-and-coming artists – perfect for art lovers looking for that unique item to put in a place of pride at home. Here are the ten best art galleries in Malmö.

Miva Fine Art Galleries

With branches in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, Miva is one of Sweden’s leading galleries for modern and contemporary art. The gallery caters to a variety of tastes, with a diverse range of international artists, the result of international collaborations with other artists, agents, and galleries from around the world.

Miva Fine Art Galleries, Engelbrektsgatan 18, Malmö, Sweden, +46 40 611 47 40

Malmö art galleries

Find leading Swedish and international artists at Gallery Miva | © Maria Eklind/Flickr


This art cooperative next to Lilla Torg has been going strong since 1983, attracting both an increasing number of members and a very appreciative international audience. Everything is handmade, Swedish-made, and locally produced on a small, unique scale. Whether you’re an interior designer or an art lover, you’ll find something unexpected at Formargruppen.

Art galleries Malmö

”Bära död” by Josefine Andersson | Pappas Gata, photo courtesy of Formargruppen

Malmö Konsthall

Malmö Konsthall is one of Europe’s largest exhibition halls for contemporary art, with architect Klas Anshelm creating the vast space to provide flexibility and fabulous light. Exhibitions have a decidedly international focus, with both modern art and experimental art in the spotlight.

Malmö Konsthall. S:t Johannesgatan 7, Malmö, Sweden, +46 40 34 12 86

Malmö art galleries
Malmö Konsthall exhibition featuring painter, sculptor and filmmaker Poul Gernes | © Fredrik Ohlin/Flickr


Established in 2008, this gallery is all about showcasing and highlighting unestablished local artists, as well as offering concerts, screenings, and workshops. This is where new ideas are tested and developed without worrying about commercial viability.

Makeriet, Möllevångsgatan 37, Malmö, Sweden

Malmö Art Galleries

Art that will challenge you at Markeriet | © Antis 3, photo courtesy of Markeriet

Galleri Ping-Pong

The focus here is on young, local contemporary art, along with select established art. When Galleri Ping-Pong opened in 1996, it might have been one of Sweden’s smallest galleries, but it was punching well above its weight right from the start – hosting exhibitions from names such as Moki Cherry, Thale Vangen, Astrid Svangren. It also has a cool vinyl corner, which you might just never leave.

Galleri Ping-Pong, Stora Nygatan 4, Malmö, Sweden, +46 40 12 10 59

Art galleries Malmö

Focusing on young, local artists at Galleri Ping-Pong | Photo courtesy of Galleri Ping-Pong

Galleri Lohme

This gallery’s main activities are art exhibitions and mediation of art, but it also serves as a forum for creative meetings and other events. Gallerie Lohme believes in sharing and collaboration, as well as ‘planned spontaneity,’ and the unique concept stimulates both innovative ideas and experiences. Both Swedish and international artists are represented here.

Galleri Lohme, Erik Dahlbergsgatan 24B, Malmö, Sweden, +46 76 083 74 87

Malmö's best art galleries

Galleri Lohme is a modern creative hub | Photo courtesy of Galleri Lohme

Signal – Center for Contemporary Art

This collective, run by a group of artists and curators, spotlights contemporary art, producing and presenting exhibitions, lectures, and other events focusing on current issues and cultural production. Using contemporary art as the starting point, curatorial work methods are one of their main tools. Signal also serves as an archive for artists in southern Sweden.

Signal – Center for Contemporary Art, Monbijougatan 17H, Malmö, Sweden, +46 40 97 92 10

Malmö art galleries

Signal focuses on contemporary art with exhibitions, lectures and seminars | Photo courtesy of Signal

Almlof Gallery

Jan Almlöf, the former editor-in-chief of top Scandinavian photography magazine Foto, opened Almlof Gallery in 2014, with the express aim of highlighting world-class international photography. So far, so good, as the exhibitions held here are simply outstanding.

Almlof Gallery, Ehrensvärdsgatan 8, Malmö, Sweden, +46 70 644 22 75

Malmö art galleries

Discover world-class photography from around the world at Almlof Gallery | Photo courtesy of Almlof Gallery

Johan Berggren Gallery

A relative newcomer on the scene, Johan Berggren‘s gallery focuses on young, emerging artists. Thus far the emphasis has been on Scandinavian, European, and North American artists, although the goal is to reach out further around the world. With two galleries and a showroom, there’s plenty to consider in this former-factory building.

Johan Berggren Gallery, Monbijougatan 17 G, Malmö, Sweden, +46 70 611 60 34

Malmö's top art galleries

Discover emerging art at Johan Berggren | © Fulvio Spada/Flickr | © Fulvio Spada/Flickr

Galleri 21

Theater, Art Gallery, Building
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From Ola Nilsson's Scener, Observationer, och Kommentarer
From Ola Nilsson's Scener, Observationer, och Kommentarer | Photo courtesy of Galleri 21

Galleri 21

One of Malmö’s oldest artist cooperatives, Galleri 21 got its start in 1985 in an old farmhouse, and in the ensuing years has become one of the most interesting spaces in the world exhibiting contemporary Nordic art. Galleri 21 is more than an art space: it’s also a meeting point and leader in Malmö’s cultural life, with lectures six to eight times a year, theater, music recitals and other events.

Galleri 21, Rådmansgatan 5, Malmö, Sweden, +46 40 12 2202

Malmö's best art galleries

From Ola Nilsson’s Scener, Observationer, och Kommentarer | Photo courtesy of Galleri 21 | Photo courtesy of Galleri 21

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