10 Nordic Startups to Watch in 2018

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Updated: 16 January 2018
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Spotify, Skype and Supercell aren’t the only hot companies from Northern Europe – tech innovation is thriving across the nations of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Here are 10 of the hottest Nordic startups to watch in 2018:


Last year solar power grew faster than any other source of fuel for the first time according to International Energy Agency.

Gothenburg, Sweden-based startup Trine capitalises on this booming industry, enabling individuals to invest in small-scale solar energy projects in Africa to earn a return on investment and make a positive impact around the world. To date, Trine’s projects in Africa have raised over €2,960,000, and have provided more than 227,000 people with electricity.


HappyorNot is the Finnish company responsible for creating the globally-recognisable ‘Smiley’ feedback system, often seen in airports, which allows organisations to gauge consumer and employee satisfaction levels in under 2 seconds. Check out our interview with HappyOrNot’s founders about Finland’s white-hot startup scene, here.


At the time when mental health is a dominating topic, Gothenburg-based mental wellbeing app Remente is a business to watch.

One of Sweden’s most downloaded health apps when it launched in 2016, Remente combines psychology with brain and mental training to help users reach their full potential, complete personal goals, and lead a healthier lifestyle. A team of leading psychologists, mental trainers and entrepreneurs are responsible for the content behind the app, ensuring it’s full of safe and professional advice. Combining their expertise, new findings in the field of neuroscience, and established theories, the team works to make Remente into a digital coach – an indispensable tool that helps keep the mind healthy.

Gothenburg has become an attractive destination to launch a tech startup
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Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Acast is changing the global audio landscape as we know it.

With audio on-demand become more and more relevant, Acast enables content creators to monetize and grow their audiences through a technology platform and consumer app. The company has already expanded internationally and opened offices in the London, Sydney and LA, and New York. Acast has been utilised by over 2,000 content creators to date, attracting around 58m listens per month. Major media brands like VICE, The Financial Times, The Football Ramble and The Economist all release content through the company’s proprietary platform.


Swedish-born digital health company Lifesum is one of the leading health apps globally with over 25 million users across the world.

Using tech and psychology, it creates a tailored health and meal plan to help you live a happier, healthier and more balanced life. Whether your goal is to lose weight, track calories, build muscle, or just be healthier, Lifesum shows you how changing your small, everyday habits can transform your life and help you to become healthier.


Sweden’s first ever digital healthcare provider, Kry allows patients a to have a video consultation with a medical doctor via their mobile phone or tablet, rather than a physical appointment.

Kry estimates that with existing technology, 90% of all primary care visits can be transferred online making digital healthcare the new normal. The service is currently capable of handling 60% of the 100 most common diagnoses in primary healthcare. Additionally, Kry increases access to healthcare for everyone including those who may have difficulties travelling to a clinic due to long distances, waiting times, mental/physical disability, or have language barriers. Since its launch in 2015, KRY has 200,000 registered users and serves more than 1% of all primary care doctor’s visits in Sweden. The service is already available in Sweden, Norway and Spain, and they aim to expand further to be able to provide healthcare for patients all over the world.

Orbital Systems

Malmo, Sweden-based clean-tech company Orbital Systems manufactures and installs showers containing NASA-certified technology, capable of saving up to 90% water.

The company’s recently launched Oas shower utilises water recycling technology devised for (and accredited by) NASA: recirculating 2.8 litres of clean, filtered, and heated water in a closed loop, reducing water usage by up to 90%, and energy usage by up to 80%. Two filters analyse water 100 times per second, filtering out larger particles, and finer particles.

Finland has become a vibrant technology hub
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No Isolation

Female-led, Oslo-based start-up No Isolation was founded to reduce involuntary social solitude.

Its first product, a physical avatar named AV1, allows British children and young adults, who are forced by illness to take extended time away from school, maintain a presence in the classroom, communicate with friends, and socialise. Komp, No Isolation’s second product, launches in the UK in 2018, and is designed to reduce social isolation in seniors. Read our our article about how virtual reality is helping elderly people explore the world.


Norway-based Hold has developed an app that actively rewards for students for not being distracted by their phones while studying.

Once activated at the beginning of a class or study session, Hold awards points for time when a user’s phone goes untouched, which can be exchanged for rewards such as food, technology, event tickets, and more.


For all the wine-lovers and enthusiast around the globe, Copenhagen-born wine community Vivino has 20m users who contribute millions of ratings, making up one of the world’s largest wine libraries. In 2016, Vivino raised $25m in a Series B round. Cheers to that.

The Danish capital is home a growing startup scene
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