This Canadian Photographer Captures Parallel Worlds Hidden in Puddles

NYC | © Guido Gutierrez Ruiz
As humans, we tend to observe our surroundings by looking straight ahead and up above us. However, what if the best vantage point actually comes from below?

Canadian photographer Guido Gutiérrez Ruiz, aka Guigurui, resides in Madrid and takes photos all over the world. They aren’t the traditional photos you might expect though – they are photos of puddles that reflect the view above them.

NYC © Guido Gutierrez Ruiz

Entitled Parallel Worlds, Guido’s provocative series shows off some of the world’s most iconic sites and monuments, from Manhattan to Belgrade, all from the ground up. This offers a different perspective than many other travel photos out there. Plus, it just looks exceptionally cool.

The amazing thing is, unlike many professional photographers, Guido doesn’t use Photoshop or even a complicated camera to capture his stunning visuals. Instead, every image is taken on his Google Nexus 5 and the only editing tools he uses are those that are available on Instagram.

In Guido’s own words, ‘To most people puddles are avoided, but to me, they reveal a magical image of a parallel world. It’s always interesting to capture the reflections of buildings, cars, people passing by, etc..’

It’s quite thought-provoking to capture the world from the reflection of what is often muddy water. It serves as a reminder that we can find beauty in the most unlikely places, and that even when we are moving forward, we shouldn’t forget to look down every once in awhile.