Where to Drink Pomegranate Cocktails in Granada

Tomate Bar, Granada; courtesy of Encarni Novillo
Tomate Bar, Granada; courtesy of Encarni Novillo
Pomegranate is Granada’s fruit – ‘granada’ is Spanish for pomegranate – and some of the city’s most chic cocktail bars and night-spots will serve you an excellent, Granada-themed drink. Below is a guide to the best places to head if you want a truly local cocktail.

San Matias 30

Bar, Spanish
Sann Matias 30, one of Granada´s cleekest cocktail bars
Sann Matias 30, one of Granada´s cleekest cocktail bars | courtesy of Mark Nayler

One of the area’s smartest bars, San Matias 30 serves a huge range of spirits and flavoured liquors. It’s certainly the place to head, if you want to enjoy a drink inspired by Granada’s local fruit, in an ultra-modern setting. This place is far too trendy to serve your pomegranate-based cocktail in a normal glass: instead, drinks come in ex-jam jars. Definitely a bar for night-owls (it doesn’t even open until 4pm), Matias 30 often has PAMA in stock for its granada cocktails, a delicious pomegranate-based spirit made in the States.

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Check In

Bar, Spanish, Beer
Check In bar, Realejo, Granada
Check In bar, Realejo, Granada | courtesy of Mark Nayler

The quirky interior of Check In – also on Calle San Matias, in an area that has seen several cool new bar openings recently – takes inspiration from the London Underground. Londoners visiting Granada and seeking out a decent ‘copa’ will therefore be reminded of home (in a good way, that is) when they enter this sleek, incredibly friendly joint. Their menu features an impressive array of quirkily-named cocktails, including a few based on pomegranate spirits.

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Tomate Gastro Bar

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Tomate Bar, Granada
Tomate Bar, Granada | courtesy of Encarni Novillo

Although it’s surrounded by some of Granada’s oldest and most traditional drinking dens, Tomate’s carefully-designed interior wouldn’t look out of place in Soho: trendy bare-brick walls, low lighting and sleek furniture create a classy, intimate atmosphere. You can perch at its tiny bar and watch the world go by, as you enjoy a pomegranate-based mixer or cocktail. The tapas here is also excellent and provides a modern twist on Andalucian classics.

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El Camborio

Bar, Nightclub, Spanish, $$$
El Camborio has stunning views of the Alhambra at night
El Camborio has stunning views of the Alhambra at night | michimaya, flickr

One of the best nightspots in Granada, Camborio sits right opposite the Alhmabra, across the valley in the gypsy flamenco neighbourhood of Sacromonte. Split over several levels – some for dancing, some for chilling in the plush leather sofas – the views of the Alhmabra at night from this popular student hangout are jaw-dropping. Until about 4am, that is, when the great fort´s footlights are suddenly turned off and the Alhambra vanishes into the night. Entry is usually between 8-10 euros, but you can stay dancing and drinking pomegranate liquor until the sun rises, by which point the party here will still be going strong.

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